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Stargate Theme Park Dubai

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Stargate Theme Park Dubai is situated in the downtown area of Dubai, the huge metropolis. It is found inside the beautiful Zabeel Park. Among the main efforts of Stargate Theme Park Dubai, there is the teaching when playing method.


Stargate Theme ParkStartgate Dubai opened in 2009 and it is already a great theme park with many sci-fi elements for children of every age. It is a great place to spend time. The playing and attraction areas of Stargate Theme Park Dubai gather around the middle of the restaurant area, the base, which has the shape of pyramid and it is a magnificent sight. According to the designs of Stargate Theme Park Dubai, it was created to resemble to a spaceship both from the inside and from the outside. The theme park looks lovely especially in the evening, with all the colourful lights giving an edge to all its buildings, especially to the Pyramid itself


Stargate Theme Park Dubai, as many theme parks in Dubai, also has its own legend. It is a tale of two children Garib and Ajib who due to some problems, accidentally land with their spaceship in the middle of Zabeel Park and then decided to make it a theme park to show the children their culture and futuristic designs in just everything from toys to the serving of food.


Stargate Theme Park has a great number of attractions, all of which are dividedly situated in one of the five main areas. The names of the areas also declare their tasks and the types of attractions within, for example, there is the Children’s Academy or The Academy, The Fun Track and the Bermuda Triangle, these three containing most of the games. The rest is for shopping and cultural or business meeting reasons, named The Space Mall and the Exhibition Wings. Dubai, as a good merchant city has space for business meetings in just every kind of its complexes, no matter whatever is the theme park or residence building.


The method of spending money is unique in the Stargate Theme Park Dubai. Upon entering, everyone is handed a plastic entrance card, which has a basic value on it. Then one can use the card as payment in the whole area of the Theme park. In case there is not enough money on it, one can put more money on it at one of the many information centres found just everywhere in the huge Stargate Theme Park Dubai.


As mentioned before, Stargate Theme Park Dubai wishes to put much emphasis on the actual teaching of the children as well. This is why there are a couple of courses to teach everyone a bit in different subjects such as the Space itself or about the planets of our universe. Stargate Theme Park Dubai is a great place to be in; it is much more down to Earth and in many ways fit children better than some other theme parks. If you would like to have a great fun combined with learning, then Stargate Theme Park Dubai is just the place for you and your family.