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Dubailand would be one human-made wonder in the world if it ever gets ready. However, it seems that the saying "too nice to be true" has in this case changed to "Too big to become true".  All the plans and the ideas concerning Dubailand promised a wonder, the biggest –ever entertaining quarter ever been done.


DubailandThe plans of Dubailand were to create a mega-large entertainment complex, where altogether 45 huge and around 200 smaller complexes were to be found. This is an unbelievably huge number when it comes to the actual realisation and, finally yet importantly, all the financial background for making it to come true. In the 2700 thousand square meter area, Dubailand would have consisted such mega-attractions as the Aqua Dunya Water Park, the biggest and unique water park ever planned, the "Motorcity" which is right now the only one of the many, which has still the brightest hope to be done.


The plans of Dubailand first officially published and announced in 2003 with the promise for it to be ready by around 2009. Unfortunately, due to many reasons this could not happen. Out of the almost 250 projects, it was only 22, which could get started, the rest of them are still on hold for a while. The gigantic area of the Dubai city would have consisted six main areas each of which have also consisted many Theme Parks to serve one specific interest, offering attractions and services according to its main theme. To say some examples, there would have been one for Sports, one for leisure and vacation, another for the special attractions and for the adventure lovers. The latter one, called Attractions and Experience World would have had such beautiful theme parks as the "Aqua Dunya Water Park" or the "Sahara Kingdom Theme Park" which would have been made according to the worldwide known Arabic folklore tale collection, the Tales of the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. 


Dubailand would have consisted numerous different hotels, resorts and spas. To say it all, it would have been a city in the city. By its size, we can see that if one had entered Dubailand, not even a week would have been enough for him or her to come out of this complex.


The main sponsor and developer of the Dubailand project is the Tatweer company that its one of the richest companies in the area. Even Dubailand as a whole does not seem to be done in a decade, but not regarding this, each megaproject has its own site and right now many of them is trying hard to find available sponsors to get them built. The Motorcity, which would have been an almost city like empire of the cars has the Ferrari as one of its main sponsors and as it has been said, right now this is the project which is the closest to be finished.


Although Dubailand seems not yet built, at least not in the form and size how originally planned, it is really worth looking at its plans and computer-made pictures to see how it would have looked like. Might be, that one day we still get to see Dubailand.