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Dubai Magic Planet

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Magic Planet is a fun-zone that is housed by the huge Deira City Centre in the very old-downtown area of Dubai, one of the most visited areas of this metropolis. The Magic Planet offers multiple services, from nursery to family-fun or both of them combined. When it comes to Dubai, you can expect the larger than large, so the Magic Planet will surely amaze you.


Magic Planet of Deira City centre was the very first to open back in 1995. However, due to its continuously growing success, together with the number of its little visitors, now there are more than five other Magic Planets all around the Middle Eastern Area with two within Dubai itself and the others in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. One is also in Egypt! The developer and operator of all Magic Planets is the Majid Al Futtaim Group. There are unlimited attractions for children of every age counted from the age of three, and the Magic Planet guarantees that everyone will spend more than an hour from the time they enter Magic Planet.


There are multiple areas within this theme park. One of the most favourites includes the Camel’s Adventure Zone, which everyone loves! Who would not want to sit on a camel for a little ride? Another popular attraction of the Magic Planet is the carousel of the old times of Europe. This is one game, which Middle Eastern people could not see or try until the recent age. This musical carousel receives the highest number of children day-by-day. Other funny games include the Grasshopper, a big mechanism that lifts and releases children as if they were jumping like a little grasshopper. For bigger children, there is the Robocoaster, which is a fast and hard drive only for those with good stomach and children over at least eight years. Offers for family rides and interactive games include the Jump Around and Smash Bugs. Within the Magic Planet, there is also a 4D (!) theatre.  For children of younger age, there are the rides called Caterpillar and Bug Catcher that they enjoy the most! Unique rides include Fire Flies and Rocking Bug, both of which are giving a new sensation for the ones trying them. The Fire Flies was created specifically, so that one can have the feeling as if they were flying in the air! Rocking Bug is ideal for smaller children, making rocking and some twisting movements. 


If parents wish to have some shopping time together in the Deira Shopping Mall, then there is the chance to leave the children to play on their own, while the parents shop in the shopping mall. They can have a lot of fun with the numerous games here, which also includes 3D and several types of simulator games ranging from tennis and car racing for the smaller to situation and fighting games for the older.


Overall, Magic Planet is a great way to have fun for everyone, who wants to connect shopping with a little playtime for the children. Magic Planets are normally open from 10:00 to 21:00 every day. Magic Planet has many innovative facilities that you cannot see or experience anywhere else, but in the Magic Planet.