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Dubai Dolphinarium

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Now, when travelling to Dubai, the visitors have a great chance to try this wonderful experience, in the Dubai Dolphinarium. The Dubai Dolphinarium is located by the sea, next to Dubai Creek, and it ensures a beautiful experience for both the young and the old!

We all know about the huge fame of dolphins all around the world. Until today, the dolphin show is such an attraction that will not bore anyone. Dolphinariums have a steady fame all around the world. In addition, when arriving to a warm-sea country, especially with family, the dolphinariums are among the first attractions we would like to visit. Who, out of the water, sea- and animal lovers would not want to hug a dolphin, one of the cutest and cleverest animals in the world, and swim with them?  

Dubai DolphinariumAs we can expect from any Dubai theme park, the Dubai Dolphinarium also offers a complex of possibilities for one to have fun. You can have a swim with the Dolphins; at the same time, you can learn so much about the sea and its inhabitants. There is also chance to enjoy one of the many dolphin and seal shows. In its huge five square kilometres area, there will be no moment when one could feel bored.

The Dubai Dolphinarium has many different parts and facilities. There is the Training Pool Area, which consists of three pools.  Here you have a chance to meet the dolphins and have a swim with them or just enjoying your training time, while looking at them.  The dolphins and the seals have their huge own territory inside the dolphinarium, from where they are called to the Training Pool Area, when they are needed.  

In the Dubai Dolphinarium, there is also a huge hall area, called the Dolphin and Seal Halls where several different events are regularly held, ranging from business events to children’s activities.

What is also unique about the Dubai Dolphinarum is that the whole pool area is covered, although it ensures that there is always enough light coming in and that the temperature is always suitable. Each wall covers with beautiful paintings of sea-life and naturally many dolphins.

In the Middle of the Dubai Dolphinarium, there is the big catering area, called the Happy Valley Restaurant and it offers a great variety of meals, both Arabic and intercontinental, and several funny additions to children’s menu as well.  

There are so many activities also for children to learn more about dolphins. Dubai Dolpinarium has its own educational area, specifically for children to learn more on sea-life and mainly on dolphins. This is a very popular and fun program of the dolphinarium!

Interestingly, the Dubai Dolphinarium also offers dance lessons for adults, ranging from Arabic to Latin Dances, so that while the children are learning, the parents also can have some alternative fun in the dolphinarium. Naturally, there is a huge gift and photo shop inside the Dubai Dolphinarium offering a wide variety of sea-souvenirs and post-cards.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is really a must-see for everyone in Dubai and as it is not far from the downtown, giving the great chance to try the water-taxi attraction of Dubai. Dubai Dolphinarium is open every weekday from 10:00 to 20:00.