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Dubai Children’s City

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When talking about the countless attractions in Dubai specifically for children, we must mention the Dubai Children’s City, which is one of the best theme parks of Dubai, and the most fun place to be. Dubai Children’s City is located in the Bur Dubai district, the centre of Dubai very close to Dubai Creek.


When talking about all the children’s facilities in Dubai, we must mention the huge importance of children in all Muslim countries. Children are considered the most important creature of human beings for whom everything must be done in order to be a good Muslim and most of all to be a good man or woman in the future. For this reason, there is a very high emphasis in Dubai on the facilities for children, be it a theme park or an educational centre.


Dubai is very proud, to be in the situation to give the best facilities as chances for their children to learn and to be happy in this world. We must also mention the fact, that woman in Dubai, as in all Muslim countries have the main task to take care of the children and of the household. Women are the ones who mainly go with children, be it any type of tour in Dubai. Therefore, there are numerous facilities where moms can go along with their children and have some fun out of their homes. Children’s City is very popular for this reason as well as it is also a popular site for school groups to have a one-day excursion over there. Children’s City has a beautiful location and offers dozens of attractions to children of every age. It also offers special care and special facilities for babies and disabled children.


We must also emphasize the fact that Children’s City concentrates mainly on the education of children by combining the learning process with many games in order to make learning and studying something good and worthy for children. For this reason, there are also numerous educational fairs and other representations and educational shows held in the Dubai Children’s City on diverse topics ranging from nature to space science. Children can learn diverse topics from biology, geography to even literature. These events mostly take place in the theatre of Dubai Children’s City, created for these reasons. All programs of the Dubai Children’s City are conducted in both Arabic and English to give chance to the foreign English-speaking children too, to learn and enjoy their time there.


The number of the cultural events is also high. Dubai, contrary to the fact that it houses the most of the modern wonders of architecture, remains Arab and Muslim in heart. That is why; they put a great emphasis on the cultural education of the children. The education keeps the children proud of their cultural treasures. In Dubai Children’s City, one can also see skeletons of dinosaurs, a huge temptation for every child to look at and learn about.


Dubai Children’s City is open every day. At the cashier, one can learn about the courses or programs held for the children, so that they can enrol their children in the course or program best to their taste. Dubai Children’s City is a great complex, and it is really an ideal place to spend a day for all Arabic and English-speaking families.