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Dubai Autodrome

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Dubai Autodrome is one of the many attractions that had plans to be built inside the huge Dubailand complex, which now on hold. However, very few attractions survived the financial crisis and could be realised, and Dubai Autodrome is one of these very few. Dubai Autodrome, being part of the Dubai Motorcity covers a huge racing area, where several smaller and bigger events are held.


The huge Motorcity is currently the one and only "city-like" complex, being fully dedicated to everything in connection with motorsport. The Motorcity consists of five main areas: The Autodrome with the racetrack and go-kart possibilities. Among its many services is the Business Park Motorcity, where all commercial activities are placed, the Uptown Motorcity with the hotels and shopping areas and the Green Community Motorcity where the resident areas are situated. The tower which is to be located in the business centre area of the Motorcity is to face the huge track of the Autodrome and it is just next to the luxury Renaissance Hotel which will host the guests, organizers and participants of such races.


The huge circuit track of the Dubai Autodrome is officially recognized by F.I.A. There has been no direct news, whether Dubai is aiming Autodrome to be one site of the Formula-1 championships, but for sure, it would be one of the greatest pulling forces for the tourism of Dubai.


Its circuit offers six racing configurations, and in its length, it is almost 6 kilometres long. The Dubai Autodrome is currently one of the most complete and complex racing course in the Gulf Region, and around the world. Next to racing, Dubai Autodrome also offers go-kart chances for children, exhibitions on motors and cars, several types of courses. Its courses now include four configurations for the competitions. It also has two handling courses for other activities. Among the racing courses, you can find one Grand Prix Course, a Club course, an International Course and a National course. All of these have different shapes, aiming to handle all types of cars or motorcycles.


The Dubai Autodrome has already hosted some international events, such as the FIA GT Championship and the A1 Championship. The track of Dubai Autodrome designs to be a multipurpose autodrome. Motorcity, inside the Dubailand complex is one of the very few attractions, which were ready on time in 2004. Motorcity even brought the world-famous F-1 Ferraris to open the racing circuit.


Apart from having designs for races, the Dubai Autodrome also offers several other possibilities for all car manufacturers in the world, to bring their testing, prototype making and research activities in the area of the Autodrome. The Autodrome also has all catering and hospitality facilities for those who wish to spend longer time there. The Autodrome clearly wishes to be one top participant in the making and testing, and last but not least, in the racing of international top vehicles.