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Dubai Aquaventure

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Dubai Aquaventure, as part of the huge Dubai Atlantis Hotel is in itself such an attraction, which is really worth visiting. Aquaventure, a complex in itself, is definitely one of the most beautiful and most popular attractions in Dubai.


The Atlantis resort, which has the most alone-standing situation in Dubai, is located inside the world-famous Palms complex, the artificial island forming the shape of a Palm-tree in the centre of Dubai just by the Jumeirah Beach. Aquaventure is a brand-new theme and fun park, being planned to be one of the most entertaining theme parks in Dubai, has countless attractions and facilities inside for visitors of every age. Not only does it contains numerous swimming pools and fun-activities, but also has many worldwide unique attractions!


Dubai AquaventureOne of these attractions of Aquaventure that is worth writing about is its huge Dolphin Bay, the biggest of its kind in the world with its four square kilometre size offering specialities such as swimming with the dolphins or even to watch these beautiful species both over and under the water.


Aquaventure has many aquariums, where one can see wonderful variety of sea fishes of every colour and every size ranging from the small ones to the huge sharks and rays. As in every theme parks, the emphasis is on the fun of the children.


One of the unique attractions of Aquaventure is the Lost Chambers. It even has its legend, which is by far has not been proved true neither untrue. The story is, that during the countless water constructions works, people have found some ruins and such parts, which as they later identified might have been the ruins from the Atlantis, the lost continent itself! Inspired by the theories of these discoveries, Lost Chambers consists of a network of “underwater” streets, where visitors can feel as if they walk under the water, on the streets of the Atlantis! There are also virtual exhibitions in the many rooms of the Lost Chambers teaching people about the culture and civilisation of the ancient Atlantis, and includes presentations on the Marine Life of the sea, and the Persian Gulf. There also has been much information on the old Dubai traditional pearl diving and much information about the pearls themselves as well.


It has also a wonderfully looking Aztec temple, called the Ziggurat, which serves as a huge chute but that is not the end of the story! All around the Ziggurat there is a pool of incredibly blue water where sharks are swimming to protect the temple. Therefore, you have a feeling of sliding down to join the sharks! Instead, your journey continues under the water! As you slide upon arriving into the pool, a tube exists, in which you slide inside to finish your journey underwater.


Aquaventure also offers a beautiful lagoon-ride on a boat, definitely a very pleasant and romantic experience.


Due to the hard efforts, Aquaventure has quickly become one main pillars of the water entertainment tourism in Dubai. However, there are still been some reconstruction works, in order to make it more attractive to the visitors. It is been already a whole and complete attraction and a must-see for everyone!