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Aqua Dunya Theme Park

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Aqua Dunya Theme Park is one of the most magnificent projects ever planned in Dubai. For a while it all went well, but now, the theme park is having the huge Desert Pearl as its leading motive and symbol seems to have sank by the sinking ship of the gigantic plans of Dubailand which would have housed the wonderful Aqua Dunya Theme Park


Aqua Dunya Theme Park was for long, one of the most promising complexes because its main sponsor was the worldwide known Jumeirah Hotel Group, a continuously growing hotel chain of the most luxurious hotels globally. Jumeirah was supposed to sponsor the buildings as well as to own and operate three luxury resorts in the area of the complex. Two of these magnificent resorts would have been named as the Polynesian Hotel and the Arabian Port Hotel, the looks of both of them influenced by the Caribic resorts. The most important hotel, the Desert Pearl Hotel, would have been built into the giant ship called Desert Pearl, which was to crown the Aqua Dunya Theme Park.


According to the legend of Aqua Dunya Theme Park, there was once a boy called Rakaan, living in the desert with his parents in a considerably big poverty. Rakaan was mesmerized by the sea and by the great work of pearl divers. Later on, he escaped from home to work on a ship. There he worked for many years, travelling all around the globe and becoming rich. Then, when he found that he had gathered enough wealth, he wanted to return home and be with his family instead. At home, his parents were amused by all his exciting stories about many wonderful and diverse lands. Therefore, Rakaan decided to rebuild this huge ship called Desert Pearl just in the middle of the desert, then making a big sea-like lake for his parents to enjoy sailing, even in the Desert. This is how Aqua Dunya Theme Park was born. The Legend is a great example of Arabic thinking, their love and respect for their families, especially for their parents. The complex would have consisted of many fine examples of the traditional Arabic architecture, and visitors of course would have met Rakaan and his family, in order to know more on the legend of the Aqua Dunya Theme Park and most importantly to have fun! Interesting to note, that the word “Dunya” or “Dounia” as it is also written, means “Life” in Arabic.


Although Aqua Dunya Theme Park was planned mainly for tourism, it would have also offered various types of real estates. By its outlook, according to the numerous plans, the Aqua Dunya Theme Park would have mainly looked like a little Polynesia. It would have consisted a huge lake and all around it countless peninsulas. The Desert Pearl would have offered many programs, attractions for the visitors to see. The Aqua Dunya Theme Park would also have owned a huge Water-Park as well, 


Unfortunately, from 2009, the project of Aqua Dunya Theme Park seems to have been cancelled, which really is a loss, especially considering the growing numbers of tourists who are arriving in Dubai every day. It is sure, that if the Aqua Dunya Theme Park were ever done, it would attract a very high attention, creating one of the hugest incomes ever created by a tourism-entertaining complex.