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Dubai, the new Land of Promise gives way to all the architectural imagination which human can construct these days, and not constructed so far anywhere else. Therefore, this huge metropolis of the Middle East has already hundreds of skyscrapers, each having their own name, each having their own task. If you want to see their enormous shapes, there are a few skyscrapers, which are even higher than the high, having unbelievable looks. Pentominium is one fine example of the future must-see modern buildings of Dubai. When it is ready, the Pentominium will be the largest building of the Jumeirah district.

PentominiumAs to talk about the meaning of the word Pentominium, we can see that as a word, it seems meaningless. The idea behind the name Pentominium was to mirror the efforts of its builders in its name, which is a funny unification of the words condominium and penthouse to reflect to its main reason of building.

Pentominium in its outlook, it will look like a cross between an icicle and a metal arrow. It will be silver and shining. When constructed, it will be one architectural dream coming true. It plans to reach 520 meters in height, which will place it to be the second tallest buildings of the world. Constructions have started only two years ago, in 2009, so there are a few more years to wait, until we can see this magnificent building. However, the constructions are promising, so hopes are the realisation of Pentominium will not be delayed. According to previous plans, the Pentominum was scheduled to open in 2010 on the birthday of the Sheikh Al Maktoum, emperor of Dubai.

Pentominium will be constructed according to the plans and designs of the famous international Aedeas Company who is also the builder of the other skyscraper wonder in Dubai, called Ocean Heights. As it will be the main building of the Dubai Marina complex, situated by the sea, it needed to have the deepest base under the soil. This is difficult as it is by the sea and therefore, is not an easy one to construct these high buildings. However, Dubai seems to have found the solution for this, having more than a hundred skyscrapers within the city with another hundred to be built in the future.

It is a very hard effort to reach the height of the current tallest building in the world, which not surprisingly is also in Dubai, called Burj Khalifa. The builders of the Pentominium have decided to make their building unique in another way. So currently, it is the Pentominium, which is the tallest building in the world, used solely for living, containing apartments, suites in various sizes. 

Pentominium will soon be standing next to the other famous neighbouring towers, such as the Ocean Height, which can also be found in the Dubai Marina and the larger-than-large ALMAS Tower. Although Pentominium is not ready, yet there is already a huge selling out of its unique apartments. Pentominium will be a great success, for all those, who plan to buy an apartment in one of the best-located and highest buildings of Dubai, in the Pentominium.