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Almas Tower

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When it comes to Dubai, we already know that when over there, we can expect some unforgettable sights and architectural wonders. ALMAS or AL MAS Tower is definitely one of the current wonders of Dubai. The ALMAS Tower, today operating as the main base of the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex, is worth visiting.

Almas TowerWhen it comes to ALMAS Tower, we must also mention the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex, crowned by the ALMAS Tower. Its name "AL MAS" in Arabic literally means diamond. The building of the whole Jumeirah Lake Towers complex was not only to create another complex in Dubai, but also to create something more specific and special at the same time. The ALMAS Tower, together with the Silver (Ag) and Golden (Au) towers is made to be a complex within the complex, being solely dedicated to the jewellery business of Dubai. Both Au and Ag Towers are located next to the ALMAS Tower. ALMAS Tower is the base of Dubai Diamond Exchange. 

The ALMAS Tower, the Au and Ag towers are all the part of the DMCC complex. In this business only and exclusively DMCC members takes part, and offices in either three of the towers can only be sold to a DMCC member. As a speciality, all business made in this DMCC Area is 100% tax-free.

Jumeirah Lake Towers, with ALMAS Tower in its centre is located just behind the other brand–new complex called Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach. According to the main designs, the Jumeirah Lake Complex would include altogether seven artificial lakes within, ensuring that each skyscraper would have view to one of each at least. Moreover, ALMAS Tower as the centre was gifted with an own island.

When seeing ALMAS Tower, we will be amused and wonder how this building could be built, in such a magnificent and at the same time, in such an accurate way. The main building of the Jumeirah Lake complex ALMAS Tower is the largest and tallest tower with its nearly 400 meter height, being currently the third highest building of Dubai, following the Burj Khalifa and the Pentominium buildings, the latter being the main building of the Dubai Marina.

Other attractions around ALMAS Tower include the three hotels of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers complex, one being operated by Jumeirah hotel chain, today being the biggest luxury hotel chain of Dubai. The sea, as was mentioned is very close, so is the port of Dubai Marina. On the other side of Sheikh Zaed Road, there are several beautiful golf courses for the ones interested in this game. The entire complex was made to serve every need of its residents, be it an office or an individual. Within AL MAS Tower, we can find a big shopping centre and a good catering area as well.

To conclude ALMAS Tower, the diamond of Dubai, is one building to visit and you can enjoy its beautiful huge outlook by looking at it while sitting at one of the fine restaurants of Jumeirah Lake Towers. One can easily reach ALMAS Tower with the Metro Line running along Jumeirah Beach by getting off at one of the Dubai Marina Stations.