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Palm Jumeirah

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Palm Jumeirah has been for long the leading attraction of the whole Emirates. In fact, the Emirates can thank a lot for the envisioning of the Palm Jumeirah complex. The reason of this is, it was this island complex, which had initially brought the fame for Dubai, promising to be the "future high-tech Beverly Hills" of the rich and famous.


Palm JumeirahPalm Jumeirah, from 2001 when the idea was born, was the very first worldwide unique project, which has put Dubai into the limelight. Dubai from then on, had started to become a cool place to be. Palm Jumeirah said to be the "Eight Man-made Wonder of the world". Anyone seeing the plans of this complex could do nothing else, but agree. The entire Palm Jumeirah looks beautiful and extraordinary from the air.


Palm Jumeirah, an island–group giving the shape of a Date Palm Tree, the trademark of the Arabic and of Islam culture, is a huge circle–shaped surrounding island. The main idea behind the creation of the Palm Jumeirah was, to double the beach of Dubai, and to create an incredibly large profit. Knowing that the oil resources will not last forever, the Emirates have been acting smart and from the second half of the Nineties’. They have been making tremendous efforts to recreate Dubai into an all-attraction and real estate complex and a leading business centre of the world, having its profits generated from tourism on the first place.


The Palm Jumeirah is the very first test "product" of the trilogy, one of which, the Palm Jebel Ali, is already under construction with the third and biggest one, Palm Deira, soon to follow. It was the idea of the Sheikh Al Maktoum, the emperor of Dubai. He made it come true with Nakheel Properties, owned by the royal family of The Emirates. The constructions of the Palm Jumeirah have started in 2001, promising a ready mixed-use complex by 2008. The constructions, costing a fortune, brought huge amounts of materials and working power together, to build this entire artificial complex.


The future of Palm Jumeirah seemed great, and so seemed its properties. By that time, more than half of all its properties were paid for. Ever since, the situation has changed slightly. Feeling the first small waves of the future crisis, Nakheel Properties has decided to double the numbers of future houses on the Palm Jumeirah. This move will make the entire area into a large and extra long sandwich with the houses being literally right next to each other. This has caused a bit of a scandal, as Nakheel decided not to mention this change to anyone.


The large circle-shaped island all around the Palm Jumeirah would have contained exclusive huge resorts with more than forty hotels of the biggest hotel chains. Out of these, most have already backed out and cancelled their constructions. The main resort currently operating is the huge Atlantis the Palm resort owned by the Jumeirah, Dubai’s biggest hotel chain. Atlantis Hotel stands just by the sea, on the outer circle of the surrounding island, looks like huge protective fort.


The Palm Jumeirah hosts different types of properties, ranging from apartment houses to large villas; the latter divided into seaside and canal side sections. Many of the 17 branches of Palm Jumeirah are inhabited, although the Palm is not yet officially ready. There are rumours about a continuous sinking of the entire complex, though not confirmed by Nakheel. According to the experience of those already live there, life in the Palm Jumeirah is nice and silent but it is mostly for elderly or stay-at-home families. The transportation, even though a large highway and the Jumeirah Monorail have served Palm Jumeirah, is still weak to serve such huge complex.   


Let us hope that all problems of Palm Jumeirah sorts out, it is far too valuable for Dubai not only financially but for keeping their status as well. Palm Jumeirah is really worth seeing, especially if one can see it from above, where the palm tree shaped islands look their best!