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Dubai Islands

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Dubai is becoming a favorite tourist destination of people from all over the world. Dubai is alluring the tourists with several man-made wonders. The artificial Dubai Islands are among those wonders. By making these artificial islands, Dubai is trying to attract more visitors as well as realtors to invest on Dubai properties. Three artificial islands are being made off the Dubai’s sea shore and the three artificial islands are together called as Palm Islands. Dubai World Islands is another huge project which has been started off consists of 300 islands in the shape of earth with various countries in the world. The Dubai Islands' properties are for sale which is done on the basis of freehold as any nationals can buy, lease, sell or rent the property at Palm Islands.

Dubai IslandsPalm Islands
The three island groups are Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.  These islands look like palm trees as the leaf of the palm functions as breakwaters for remaining island. The construction of Palm Islands is taken up by the Al Nakheel Properties. The project Palm Islands started off in 2002. The Palm Islands will consist of luxurious residential units such as condominiums, hotels and houses. In the islands, you can also find shopping malls, health spas, beach side apartments and villas, water theme parks, restaurants, marinas ad more than hundred luxury hotels. Among the two islands, two of them are already completed and the third one is under construction. All the islands are made by spraying sand from dredging ships.

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah is the smallest island designed mainly as the relaxing place for the residents. The atmosphere of Palm Jumeirah helps the people to relax their mind by going to the health clubs, boutiques, golf areas and several spas in the island. The island is ideal for senior citizens who are retired and would like to enjoy rest of their life.

Palm Jebel Ali
The main aim of the island is to entertain people coming to the island. The island is a great attraction for the young visitors. Palm Jebel Ali is 50% bigger than the Palm Jumeirah and it houses theme parks, music bars, waterways, shopping malls and dance clubs. The island has the plans of having indoor surfing spots also.

Palm Deira
This is the largest among the three islands, but the construction is undergoing. Palm Deira is constructing as residential area that can satisfies the requirements of people of any interests and ages.

The World Islands
The World is also an artificial archipelago that consists of 300 islands build in the shape of the earth with different countries in the world. The construction of these islands is yet to be completed and this project is the most expensive one.  There is an elliptical structure around these islands for the purpose of breakwater. Each island of the archipelago represents different countries and places of the world such as Nepal, Hong Kong, New York, Canada. The World Islands consist of estate homes, dream resorts, community islands and private homes. If you have enough money to own an island here, then you can own an island in the shape of your favorite country or place.