Abu Dhabi has gone through a tremendous growth and development in the past decade. The town, mentioned only second to Dubai, is ready to become equal with the ultra modern metropolis in another ten years. Abu Dhabi is becoming a tourist paradise on its own right offering luxurious accommodation, great beaches and of course lots of shopping possibilities. We will choose some of the best shopping areas and places for you, to encourage you to visit this beautiful city, the capital of United Arab Emirates.

At Abu Dhabi, you will find a huge variety of shopping possibilities. From the more traditional souks to the shiny shopping malls, you can find everything in Abu Dhabi. Let us see the most popular places to go out in town for:


Buying Souvenirs and feeling the Arabic atmosphere:

Abu Dhabi is full of shopping possibilities and one great part of the experience is to visit the traditional marketplaces of the city. You can start up by the Port area very close to downtown, where you can find the busy early morning Fish Souk and the great Fruit and Vegetable Souk. The Carpet Souk and the Central Market in downtown is a must-see place with great bargains and many souvenirs. If you would like to buy the best quality Emirati gold jewellery, you should not miss visiting the Gold Souk, which is located at Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre.

If you would like to do a little excursion, you should not miss visiting neighbouring Al Ain City which is in fact one district of Abu Dhabi. Al Ain, which is very close to city centre and acts like the old town of the city. In Al Ain, the best souks include Souk Al Bawadi and Souk al Qaws both being bart of Bawadi Mall. Souk Al Zafarana is a very special souk that is open in the morning and then reopens from 8 pm to 1 am. It is one of the best experiences to visit this souk in the evening hours, especially in the summer.


Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

Abu Dhabi of today is packed with shiny, new and quality shopping malls, where you can find huge variety of goods, from authentic to the highest level of modern technology. The fashion brands come to Abu Dhabi from all around the world and the choice is just getting bigger. Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda, Khalidiya, Dalma or Al Ain Malls are all nearby the city centre and can be very easily visited. Abu Dhabi shopping possibilities are just getting wider every year. The city recently opened the largest IKEA in the Middle East on its Yas Island which gave lots of attention to the capital city. Al Jimi and Bawadi Malls are also very popular and highly visited by the locals.

While shopping in Abu Dhabi, do not miss to look at some of the most authentic goods offered in Abu Dhabi, in form of the great local perfume oils that you can find at Yas Perfumeries in the shopping malls and the great local creations from Bateel Date, which is among the most authentic fruits of the UAE regions. Shopping in Abu Dhabi will give you a great experience you surely will not forget.

Abu Dhabi Shopping      
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