Abu Dhabi nightlife is getting richer year by year and for the tourists, it proves to be a great place even after the sun goes down. In our article, we would like to enlist some of the best places of Abu Dhabi nightlife together with some basic rules so that you can freely let your hair down after a great day on the beach or in the city.


General rules and Information on Abu Dhabi Nightlife:

You can drink and purchase alcohol in the United Arab Emirates, if you are a tourist. Most nightclubs and bars are located inside hotels, where alcohol can be freely served for guests. Unlike in the Western Countries, you can freely go to another hotel’s bar; there are no restrictions on that. You are however not permitted to be shown drunk on the streets and of course, you are not permitted to drive while drinking. Dress codes apply in most bars which require visitors to wear long trousers/jeans for men and dresses for women (length here is not restricted that much) men are not allowed to wear flip-flops, shorts or sandals at most bars. Smoking is permitted.


If you want to find hotels that represent the biggest choice in terms of bars and nightclubs, head for the Le Meridien or for the Royal Le Meridien that have the largest number of bars and clubs. Other popular hotels include the Hotel Mercure.


Abu Dhabi Nightlife: Pubs and bars

The best pubs and bars in town include the following choices: Open-air bars: Sea Lounge, Pearls & Caviar, Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Relax12, Skylite,  Hemingway's, The Jazz Bar (Hilton), Mood Indigo Bar (Hotel Mercure), Oceans, Stills, Cooper's, 3rd Avenue or Ray's Bar. In cooler weather, we suggest you to stick with Le Meridien’s The Captain’s Arms, PJ O’Reilly’s or the Brauhaus located at Beach Rotana.


The best Sports Bars in Abu Dhabi include NRG in Le Meridien and Heroes at Crowne Plaza. Souk Qaryat Al Beri is an exceptional souk that gives home to two bars: S Bar and Left Bank.


Abu Dhabi Nightlife: Nightclubs

Cinnabar, Allure by Cipriani, Etoiles, Eight, Left Bank, Illusions, Sax Club, Blitz (Hotel Mercure), 49ers (Dana Hotel), The Yacht Club and Rock Bottom. Lots of nightclubs and bars in Abu Dhabi feature live music. The best live Jazz music is played at Mood Indigo while rockier music is played at the 49’ers and PJ O’Reilley’s.

You can count on some sort of special deals in almost every bar in Abu Dhabi, which include Happy Hours every day or Ladies’ Nights on a certain day of the week. Please note that Ladies’ Nights will not be held during Ramadan.


Abu Dhabi Nightlife: Shisha Bars

Shisha or water pipe is an important part of Middle Eastern lifestyle and as such, it is highly liked by the tourists as well. Hereby we enlist some of the most popular Shisha bars in Abu Dhabi: The roof of the Central Souk is a great place for tasting a great shisha and it is open until the late evening hours. Le Boulanger: located on the Corniche of Abu Dhabi is another popular choice for locals and tourists. Mina Harbour docks: here you can find many smaller Shisha bars that are always full of locals.


These are some of the best choices for you to choose when it comes to Abu Dhabi nightlife. Some bars also have electronic or funky music as well and although the city is not yet full of discos, you can have a great night out here, experiencing the best bars and clubs in the city. Do not miss visiting at least one Shisha bar.