Abu Dhabi is full of hotels with several high quality ones among them. Of course, every traveller differs when it comes to his or her needs of accommodation. Here, we browse through Abu Dhabi hotels depending on the basic traveller types, which range from luxury traveller to backpackers.


Before we start with our representation of Abu Dhabi hotels, let us underline the fact that Abu Dhabi hotels, being in a Muslim country, have some specific sorts of expectations towards the travellers. This means travellers are highly required to bring long trousers or long skirts with them, while being inside the hotel and not on the beach or by the swimming pool. Even if you travel with basic luggage, have a pair of jeans, trousers or a long dress for women.


It is a challenge to represent all the different Abu Dhabi Hotels because the city is packed with elegant hotels for both the modern and the traditional sort of traveller. Be careful as most Abu Dhabi Hotels follow the Muslim standards, which means only married couples can sleep together.