Abu Dhabi, the beautiful capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is well worth visiting. The continuously growing and developing city will soon be on the entertainment level of neighbouring Dubai. Even if you are based in Dubai, you should not miss visiting Abu Dhabi, which, thanks to its beautiful heritage sites and situation, is one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle East. Let us look at what is worth seeing in Abu Dhabi, which are the most see sites in here, in our article.

We will follow up with an enlisting of all the must-see Abu Dhabi attractions which you shouldn’t miss visiting in Abu Dhabi followed up by some of the most interesting optional attractions which the city has to offer.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: the picturesque white mosque of Abu Dhabi is definitely the main attraction the city has to offer. A real artwork, being one of the biggest mosques in the world, the beautiful mosque even competes with the Taj Mahal, when it comes to sheer beauty of Islamic art. The most important thing about the mosque for tourists is, that this is one of the very few mosques that has admission also for non-Muslim tourists who would like to see the architecture and the equally beautiful interiors of this outstanding building. The mosque can accommodate up to 40.000 worshippers in the same time and on its inside, you will find the largest carpet in the world made in Iran. The huge chandelier of the mosque contains altogether 1 million Swarovski crystals and its a must see!

The mosque is open between Saturday to Thursday and guided tours for tourists start from 9 am. One tour lasts an hour and it is completely free! Dressing conservatively is a must though, women will need a scarf to wear on their heads inside the mosque and shorts for men are a bit no-no. The mosque should be the first of everyone’s list of Abu Dhabi attractions.


Heritage Village

Located in the downtown of Abu Dhabi right next to Marina Mall the Heritage Village is one of the best Abu Dhabi attractions for tourists to see how people lived in Abu Dhabi a long time ago. Authentic Bedouin tents and old style Middle Eastern houses full of stores and restaurants make the Heritage Village a great place for shopping souvenirs and see the traditional handicrafts of locals. Heritage village is open from 9 am to 1 pm then from 5 pm to 9 pm. It is highly advised to visit the complex in the evening.

The Souk life in Abu Dhabi

Just like every Arabic city, Abu Dhabi has its great traditional souks where you can see and get such good which you cannot get anywhere in the world. Today the city has both old style and new style souks, with the new style souks being air-conditioned for a better comfort of visitors. Abu Dhabi has its vegetable souk, fish souk, spice souk. The Afghan Souk is a must-see for its handicrafts. The Central Souk is easy to find and the largest to see in Abu Dhabi. Do not miss visiting Mina Souk, one of the best examples of traditional souks in the capital city. Do not miss buying some of the best specialties in here, which include the delicious date, rugs, copper and bronze vases and tea –kits and beautiful wooden tea and coffee tables.

There is so much to see in Abu Dhabi, from the Cultural Centre to the beautiful seaside Corniche. We also really suggest you to visit the Al Ain Complex full of beautiful sites and entertaining options to see. Abu Dhabi attractions are great to visit and will make you want to stay even longer in this exotic city.