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United Kingdom or Britain is situated in continental Europe. The capital of United Kingdom is London. Northern Ireland which is the part of UK shares a border with Republic of Ireland. UK is surrounded by Irish Sea, English Channel, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Modern human settlement of United Kingdom dates back to 30,000 years ago. The kingdom of Great Britain was created in 1707 by the political union of England and Scotland. Britain was also exploited its colonies just like any other great powers. The influence of Britain can be seen in the former territories in language, legal and culture systems.


Britain is a constitutional monarchy in which head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II is also the head of the state of fifteen independent commonwealth countries. Britain has uncodified constitution with parliamentary system of government. Head of the government is the Prime Minister. Executive power is taken care by Her Majesty’s Government for the Monarch and devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and executive of Northern Ireland. Legislative power is exercised by both government and two chambers of parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottish parliament, Northern Ireland and Welsh assemblies. United Kingdom has three different law systems such as English law, Scots law and Northern Ireland law.


United Kingdom depends partially on market economy and it ranks sixth among the largest economies of the world. United Kingdom has a population of around 63 million. White British is the major ethnic group of the country. Other ethnic groups are other white people, Indians, Pakistanis, and White Irish, Mixed race, Black Caribbean, Black African, Bangladeshi, Chinese and others. About 71.6% of the population is following Christianity. Other religious beliefs are Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Jediism. Official language is not there in the country. About 95% of the people are speaking English. Other languages spoken are Welsh, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Polish, French and British sign language.


Great Britain has several tourist attractions such as castles, art galleries, museums, royal palaces, stately homes, gardens, theme parks and zoos. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen in which the Queen will receive and entertains the guests on official occasions. Stonehenge is the popular and mysterious tourist destination which consists of ring of monolithic stones. London zoo located in Regent’s Park is the home of 750 species of animals and birds. Tower of London has a prominent role in British history and it has the Crown Jewels of the Monarchy.


Legoland Windsor is a theme park with fifty interactive rides, building workshops, driving schools and live shows. EDF Energy London Eye provides excellent views of London in a giant wheel from 135m/443ft. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of Shakespeare. Bath is a place where you can find the hot springs of UK. Romans built the original bathhouse in 4AD after occupying Britain. Warwick Castle is an ancient castle that hosts several events and activities such as ghost hunts, birds of prey show, archery displays, banquets, concerts, firework displays and concerts. Other tourist destinations are Hampton House of Horror and Edinburgh Castle.

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