France is a country situated in Western Europe. The country has many overseas territories as well as islands which are in other continents and in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The capital of France is Paris. The country is bordered by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy, Andorra and Spain. The country is connected by Channel Tunnel to United Kingdom. French continues to be a great power with its economic, military, political and cultural influence throughout Europe and world for the last 500 years. The oldest known human settlement in France is from 1,800,000 years back. France colonized most of the parts in South Asia and North America in 17th and 18th centuries.


Louis XIV was an absolute monarch who made the country a leading power of Europe during 17th century. France became a constitutional monarchy by abolishing absolute monarchy in 1789. France became a republic in the year 1792. Napoleon Bonaparte took over the control of France in the year 1799. He became the First consul and then the Emperor of First Empire. In Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was defeated, and re-establishment of monarchy took place. The current constitution or Fifth republic was established in 1958. Now, the country is a semi-presidential democratic republic. Head of the state is the President and head of the government is Prime Minister.


France is a developed country making it fifth largest economy of the world and second largest economy of Europe. High standards of living are enjoyed by French citizens. The country depends on mixed economy in which the economy mainly depends on industrial sectors, energy, agriculture, tourism and weapons industry. The total population of France is 65.8 million making it 20th populous country of the world. The ethnic French people are Greeks, Ligurians, Iberians and Celts descendants.  French is the official language of the country. Other languages spoken are Alsatian, Basque, Bushi, Catalan, Breton, Corsican, Creoles and so on. Even though, the country is secular, Roman Catholicism is the major religion in France. Other religions are Buddhism, Protestantism, Islam and Jewish.


France is famous for its great culture as well as heritage. France is among the most visited nations of the world. Eiffel Tower is the most famous attraction of France and it is listed among the Seven Wonders of the World. Visit Eiffel Tower during night as it is decorated with lights. Musee du Louvre is a star attraction of Paris as this museum is popular for displaying more than 35,000 of artifacts and art works. The museum displays the most popular painting Mona Lisa.


Alps Mountains of France is one of the best mountain landscapes of the world. The beauty of the Alps Mountains is increased by spectacular waterfalls, rivers and lush valleys, and the area is famous among outdoor activity and adventure lovers. Notre Dame Cathedral is a major attraction in Paris as the cathedral is famous for the excellent architecture in gothic style. There are several beaches, gardens and amusement parks in France worth visiting. Some of the other tourist attractions are Gard Bridge, Fontainebleau Castle and Forest, Honfleu Harbor and Fortified City of Carcassonne.