Panama is a country located in the southern part of Central America. Panama is bordered by Colombia, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Panama City is the capital of the country. The earlier inhabitants of the country were Cocle and Cuevas tribes but were wiped out of the country disease and fighting with Spaniards. For about 300 years, Panama was part of Spain. Panama got independence from Spain in 1821 and joined the union of Ecuador, Venezuela and Nueva Granada known as the Republic of Gran Colombia. In 1903, Panama separated from Great Colombia and became an independent country.


Panama is a democratic republic in which the President is head of the state as well as the head of the government. The government has the executive power and the legislative power is exercised by both National Assembly and government. Judiciary is independent from legislative and executive powers. Panama has a population of more than 3 million and among them, 50.1% are Mestizo. Large minority consists of Mulattos and Africans which accounts about 22% of the population. Remaining are 6.7% of Amerindians, 8.6% of European, 5.5% of Asian and others consists of 7.1%.


The official and dominant language of the country is Spanish. About 93% of people speak Spanish and other languages spoken are Spanish, native languages like Ngabere, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.  Majority of the population are following Christianity and about 75-85% are Roman Catholic and 15-25% are evangelical Christian. Other religions are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Episcopalians, Seventh-day Adventists, Jewish, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists and indigenous religions include Ibeorgun and Mamatata. In Latin America, the economy of Panama is the best managed and fastest growing. The economy of Panama mainly depends on commerce, tourism and banking. For the past 5 years, tourism is growing because the government is offering discounts on tax and price to foreigners and retired people.


The Panama City has to offer many tourist destinations such as historic sites, museums whereas the internal regions, Pacific and Atlantic coast can offer numerous destinations for adventures and activities. The most sought after destination of Panama is the Amador Causeway which was the US Army base. The Causeway is connecting mainland with smaller three islands, viz. Perico Island, Flamenco Island and Naos Island. Ancon Hill offers surrounding views such as Panama Bay, Panama City, Casco Viejo, Panama Canal, Albrook Airport and Administration Building.


Bocas del Toro is an island with several numbers of destinations. You can enjoy several activities such as hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing and bird watching. Bridge of Americas is another attraction that connects two masses of land that were divided during the construction of Panama Canal. Casco Viejo offers picturesque buildings, churches, streets consists of red bricks, ruins, museum and Panamanian architectural history.  El Valle de Anton is a place situated in extinct volcano with golden frogs, hiking trails, square trees and waterfalls. Escudo de Veraguas is a beautiful island that consists of blue turquoise waters and white sand beaches. Other attractions of Panama are Isla Contadora, Isla Grande, Metropolitan Natural Park, Statue of Balboa and Taboga Island.