Cost Rica is located in Central America, bordered by Panama, Nicaragua, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is one among twenty-two older democracies in the world and the only country of Latin America included in the list. In the year 2010, Costa Rica is ranked 62 in terms of Human Development Index all over the world. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. In terms of Environmental Performance Index, Costa Rica is in the 3rd position in the world. The country has secured first rank in Happy Planet Index and it is the world’s 'greenest' country as it preserves it forest and wildlife through ecotourism.


The inhabitants of Costa Rica were indigenous people and modern culture of Costa Rica has the impact of these people. Costa Rica was a Spanish colony but the country never fought for its independence. Due to the defeat in Mexican War of Independence, Spain declared independence for all the Spanish colonies in Central America on 15th September 1821. This date is still celebrated as the Independence Day of Costa Rica even though it was recognized by Spain only on 1850. The government is a constitutional democracy led by President of the country. Costa Rica’s economy is mainly dependent on financial outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, ecotourism and software development.


Cost Rica has a population of more than 4 million and 94% of the population consists of mestizos and whites. Black consist of 3%, Chinese are of 1%, 1% of Native Americans and other consists of 1%. Predominant religion of Costa Rica is Christianity and other religions of the country are Buddhism, Jewish, Bahai, Hindu and Muslim. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish and other spoken languages are Creole-English, English, Portuguese, German, French and German. Costa Rica is earning $2.2 billion every year through tourism industry making it the most visited country of Central America.


Arenal National Park situated near active Arenal volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs is one of the major attractions of the park. Tortuguero National Park is a national attraction of Costa Rica with navigable canals and lagoons. The park is popular for various turtle species. Tourists can observe nesting turtles and enjoy fishing here in the park. Other parks in Costa Rica are Cahuita Park, Corcovado Park and Manuel Antonio Park. Another famous destination of tourists is Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which is a rainforest enclosed by fog. Monteverde Forest reserve houses over 3000 species of flora and fauna.


Playa Langosta and Tamarindo are the best surfing destinations of Costa Rica. Towns with beautiful beaches and facilities for water sports make the trip unforgettable. Cano Island is an excellent attraction of Costa Rica which is located at the Pacific coast of the country and this island provides you with great diving opportunities. The island also consists of attractions such as the volcanic rock formations, Devil’s Drop rock pile, sea fans and cup coral. San Ramon, Sarchi and Grecia are the beautiful picturesque towns of Costa Rica that are worth visiting.