Thailand is situated in the centre of Southeast Asia and the country is bordered Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. The maritime border of Thailand is shared by Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Thailand is in the 50th position among the largest countries of the world and the country is also in the 21st position among the most populous countries. The human inhabitation of Thailand began from the Paleolithic period and the country was greatly influenced by the religions and culture of India. Several kingdoms ruled the country at various periods. Thailand has never been colonized by any power. Bangkok is the capital as well as largest city of the country.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy ruled by King Bhumibol Adulaydej. He is ruling the country from 1946 and became the longest serving monarch and head of the state. King is also the head of armed forces, defender of all faiths and upholder of Buddhist religion. Bangkok is the center of industrial, political, cultural and commercial activities of the country. Thailand’s economy is an emerging one and recognized as the recently industrialized country. Major exports consist of textiles, footwear, electrical appliances, computers, cars, jewelry, rubber, fish products and Thai rice. Sex tourism and prostitution is also an integral part of economy.


The population of Thailand is 65,998,436; of which, 75% are Thai in origin. Among the population, 14% of the population is Chinese and 3% of the population is Malay. Other groups include Khmers, Mons and different hill tribes. The official language of the country is Thai and other languages spoken are English, Tai languages, Mon-Khmer languages, Hmong-Mien languages and several minority languages. Buddhism is the dominant religion of Thailand and other religions are Islam, Hindus, Christians, Jewish and Sikhs.


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a colorful, cosmopolitan and vibrant destination with skyscrapers, gorgeous temples, luxury hotels, shops and malls. Bangkok is famous for great nightlife, floating markets, cabaret dancing and mouthwatering delicacies. Phuket is one of the popular vacation destinations of Asia with best islands and beaches of Thailand. These beaches and islands are popular for the nightlife and recreation options. Chiang Mai is a place that has a culture of 700 years old where you can find the ancient architecture such as traditional temples and chedis. The place is rich in heritage and culture and blessed with natural beauty. Lampang is also a famous tourist destination with monasteries, temples and ancient monuments.


Kanchanaburi is a great place for enjoying natural beauty where the tourists can enjoy rafting. Buddha’s Footprint can be seen while traveling to Saraburi and Lop Buri is a place popular for Khmer style shrines. Nakhon Pathom has tallest Buddhist pagoda of the world. Many tourist spots such as limestone caves, scenic mountains, ancient temples, historical sites, limestone caves and beaches can be seen in Phetchaburi. Klai Kangwon Palace is the summer palace of king and Royal family, Khao Samroi Yot National Park and Hua Hin, an old beach resort are situated in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Chanthaburi is a coastal area popular for fruits, gemstones, Chanthabun mats and hot pepper.