Singapore is not only a paradise for tourists, businesspersons and the lovers of nature and exotic countries but also gives great chance in shopping. Singapore shopping centres are famously huge and full of all sorts of local and international shops. However, there are also the local Singapore shopping malls, which are the same worth visiting. Let us see which the must-visit shopping destinations of Singapore are.

Singapore is a huge city, with around five million people living there, with this number growing continuously. Thanks to the efforts of Singaporeans, the country is widely viewed as the victory of the will: it could become one of the most ultramodern when in the same time stayed traditional all the same, it is a leading economical force in Asia yet the people living there are friendly and relaxed, even though all of them work very hard. Singapore has one of the biggest ports and export-import trading in the region. Singapore shopping possibilities are extremely wide in forms of all sorts of shops and shopping malls, thanks to the large demand both on behalf of locals and on behalf of all the expats and tourists staying there. Singapore is also the main excursion point for many Malaysians, Indonesians and Thai tourists. Therefore, it is logical that it should offer an extra when it comes to the world of Singapore shopping malls.

The main Singapore shopping area consists of the Orchard Street housing designer stores, most popular Asian and international brands also housing several shopping malls such as the Centrepoint, housing the largest Marks and Spencer in Asia and 313@Somerset, which is among the newest yet most visited Singapore shopping sites. ION Orchard is also here with leading brand stores the Orchard Central located also by the Orchard Street is the world’s tallest vertical shopping mall. The large and luxurious Bugis Junction is also a leading shopping site. A complex in itself, the Bugis Junction was the first ever-shopping mall with a glass covered shopping street. The complex is not a one-piece department store it has several parts, one part consisting of old style houses with all sorts of cafés, restaurants and fast food places. This Singapore shopping mall is a real specialty and a must-visit for avid shoppers. Do not miss the Mustafa Centre in Little India, which is among the highest visited evening and night shopping malls of Singapore a great site for the experience and for the many discounts you can find there.

The first Eco-Mall of Singapore, the City Square Mall occupies an extra large territory surrounded by a beautiful garden park called City Green Park offers lots of local and international stores. Let us get to some of the specialties among Singapore shopping malls: visit the Golden Mile Shopping complex located in Singapore’s Little Thailand offering all sorts of diverse Thai specialties for the customers. Joo Chiat Complex in the Malaysian Geylang Serai district offers all sorts of diverse Malaysian specialties and some great restaurants with specialties.

The largest Singapore shopping Mall is currently under construction in the brand new Marina Bay Sands area named Marina Bay Sands. It is designed to become the Dubai Mall of Asia, containing all the world’s best brands in one place. As you see Singapore shopping possibilities are close to be limitless and you should definitely spend a long time here if you want to get to know all of them, Till then enjoy some of the best upper mentioned shopping malls and areas of this beautifully unique city.


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