Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and the neighboring countries of this island nation are Malaysia and Indonesia. The Singapore port is one among the five busiest ports of the world. Singapore is a country of immigrants and most of the immigrants are Caucasians, Indians, Malays, Chinese and other Asians from various descents. The recorded human settlement of Singapore is in 2AD. Singapore was actually the colony of Sumatran Srivijaya Empire and from 16th -19th centuries, the country was under Malaysia’s Sultanate of Johor. The island was burnt down by the Portuguese raiders in 1613 and thereafter, the whereabouts of the island was not known for two centuries.


Singapore became the colony of British in 1824 and till 1824; Singapore was controlled by Malay Sultan. Singapore became independent in the year 1963 and sovereignty was gained in 1965. The country is republic with parliamentary system and the executive powers are vested on the cabinet. Head of the cabinet is Prime Minister and the President’s office is ceremonial with some veto powers for some important decisions like use of national reserves and for the appointments of positions in the judiciary. The legislative power is vested on the Parliament.


Singapore is a market economy as the economy mainly depends up on trade. One among the busiest ports of the world is in Singapore. The economy of Singapore is ranked ten in the world. Tourism also plays a key role in the economy of the country. The population of the country is 4,987,600 and among them 36% are foreigners. Malaysian Chinese is the largest group among the foreigners in the country followed by Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Australians, Americans, European and Indonesians etc. Singapore is the second densely populated country of the world. Majority of the population follows Buddhism and other religions are Islam, Taoism, Hinduism and Christianity. The official languages of Singapore are Malay, English, Tamil and Chinese from which English is the primary language of the country.


Singapore is the paradise of tourists from all over the world. You can see plenty of tourist spots and things to do in Singapore. Singapore is one among the largest shopping destination of the world. Orchard road is the entertainment and retail hub of the city which one of the major tourist spot of the country. Orchard road consists of shopping malls and vibrating shops crowded during weekends. Visit the three famous museums such as Singapore Art Museum, Museum of Singapore and Battle Box.


Sentosa Island of Singapore is a great tourist spot with best beaches of the country. The Underwater World of the Island is a must see destination. Singapore has several beautiful gardens and parks with radiant flowers and tropical green plant. Night Safari of the country is the popular and the only night zoo of the world. You can find about 1000 animals which are nocturnal ranges from ferocious predators to forest dwellers. Chinatown is the cultural center of the country that provide you with glimpses of Singapore history with bedecked terraces, temples, shops and trading merchants. Little is another famous tourist spot where you can find small shops, melodic Hindi music, Hindu deities’ pictures, vegetarian food and side street cooking.

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