Singapore having more than 60 smaller and larger island. Singapore islands are located quite close to each other with Sentosa being the southernmost island of the state. Singapore islands are mainly left with their naturally tropical state, some of the islands are more visited and well known than the others. We enlist hereby some of those Singapore Islands, which are important from one or other point of view:

Pulau Ujong: Being the main island of Singapore that encompasses the whole city of Singapore the Pulau Ujong is a very friendly island having rivers and a great large greenery being left over as a national park a heavily protected natural area which treasures the rare animals of Singapore. The famous Singapore Zoo and the wonderful Birdland are not far from this area. The largest Singapore islands besides Pulau Ujong are Jurong Island, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and Sentosa. Singapore has been working hard to regain land with the connection of its nearby lying small islands that are otherwise not eligible to be used for any reasons. Pulau Ujong is connected to Malaysia and to Johore by two highway bridges. The city is served by the main airport being in Changi.

Sentosa: After the main island, Sentosa is the most important of all Singapore Islands, being a totally equipped Theme Park in itself, containing all what you need on holidays, from the silent retreat to the best party places, beaches, forest and hilly parts with excursions and adventure parks, Marine Museum , 4 D Theatres and everything else what you can imagine. Sentosa is a real fun resort island containing the Resort World complex and the second Asian Universal Studios of the world. You can get to Sentosa by car, boat, ferry, bus or cable car.

Pulau Ubin: Pulau Ubin is the most traditional of the Singapore Islands. On this island, the main role is left for the nature. Who comes here will want to explore the beautiful sites of Pulau Ubin with some villages where you can really se ehow people have lived long time ago. Pulau Ubin is the best place for nature lovers, nature photographers and birdwatchers out of which there are many in Singapore. It is only possible to go to Pulau Ubin by boat and it’s a beautiful trip. When the weather is good, you can see the shores of both Malaysia and Johore because Pulau Ubin is one of the 63 islands, which is located the closest to these countries.

St.John’s and Sister’s Islands: these islands are world famous for their beautiful underwater world and the scuba divers and divers commonly visit them. If you are fond of being underwater seeing the most beautiful colourful hordes of fishes then these islands are the best for you. Other Singapore Islands such as Pulau Semanaku are also famous for their sports and water sports possibilities.

Visit Singapore islands along with the main island of Singapore because this is the best way to see how colourful Singapore is. The Singapore Islands are different and let us hope that in the future we can reach even more of these beautiful islands.

Singapore Islands      
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