Singapore is the land of the green and the beaches. This beautiful land has many bigger and smaller islands which automatically enlarge the country’s and the city’s beach length. Singapore had been built from the beginning to be in harmony with nature, to provide enough free beach for everyone who thanks to the great climate has an all year long chance to swim in the sea or have a happy time on the beach. The most popular place though for Singapore beaches are located in the Sentosa Island that represents the real fun park, nature reserve and resort island of Singapore. Most people who want to have a great relaxing time will come to Sentosa Island to enjoy their day over there.

The three best Singapore beaches are located in the Sentosa Island. These are namely the Palawan Beach, the Siloso Beach and the Tanjong Beach. Let us say a few words about each of these Singapore beaches so that you know why they are so famous:

Palawan Beach is in a geographically very interesting position as where it lies also contains its end which is Asia’s closest point to the Equator being the Southern part of the Asian Continent ( Excluding South East Asian Islands ) too. The Palawan Beach is not only a beach but it’s really a fun place to be; every weekends and public holidays will take Captain Palawan to beach who will take care of the children’s best time on the Palawan Beach. Palawan Beach looks beautiful with all the great palm trees and the special rope bridge taking you there that it is really an adventurous place. Palawan is one of the most family friendly Singapore beaches.


Siloso Beach is for the teenage and young generation who likes sports and having a great time on the beach full of action. This amazing beach is full of bars and restaurants of all sorts for mainly the grown ups with a great nightlife also, definitely represents the party beach of Singapore. Here is also the biggest chance to rent any sort of water sport equipments –with the exception of those that work with an engine. The Siloso Beach is the best place from the late afternoon hours.


The Tanjong Beach is the classic romantic beach out of Singapore beaches. Here, there is nothing but you, your partner, and the beach. Of course, the beach is also great for lonely and family strolls.  Have an outstanding time on the beach that is more silent; thank the other two Singapore beaches especially for those who want to enjoy the pure sight of the sea alone or by two. There are not even restaurants by this beach in order to assure you the full natural feeling.

Singapore is the fullest memory with the enjoyment of its beautiful beaches. So do not miss visiting the Singapore beaches especially those, which are the closest to your actual flavour in sort. Singapore beaches are safe, with beach patrols everywhere. Before entering Singapore, make sure you know the normal regulations, there are very big fines for those who violate even one rule, which is written at the entrance of each beach.

Singapore Beaches      
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