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Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studios, the Disneyland of Dreamworks are getting the same famous and if possible even more spectacular when it comes to action. Universal Studios feature the newest and biggest attraction of Singapore, opened in 2010.

Universal Studios have the same concept as Disneyland they want to amuse and entertain on the highest level. After Japan, the second Universal Studios of Asia has finally opened its doors for the public being hungry for seeing in since 2008 when its constructions have started. The Universal Studios occupy a large area of 20 hectares dedicating the whole area for diverse types of attractions. This theme park is amazing and every children of every age will find their favourite sites over here. The Universal Studios has seven large sub-theme parks designed to look entirely different each one wearing the signs of a dominant movie or site. The most beautiful areas include Madagascar, the Lost World and the Ancient Egypt. Other than this, you can walk on the replica road of the world famous Hollywood Bld. and you can see the Peacetime streets of New York. The most popular sub-theme park for teenagers and sci-fi fans is surely the Sci-Fi city, featuring the highest setting dual roller coaster in the world based on the movie Battlestar Galactica. As for the New Yorks and Hollywood scenes, they mainly represent shows on filming and how to make films containing the special effects programme, which is really great to watch.

As you enter the Universal Studios, you will find yourself on the Hollywood Boulevard featuring several shops and souvenir outlets. This segment has one theatre where you can see performances on filming. Going further, you will get to the New York segment where you will feel in the land of skyscrapers and red bricks. You can even see the replica of the famous New York Public Library with its entrance gate protected by two lion statues. The adventures, especially for the children star later, when going towards the next sub-theme parks of the Universal Studios.

Ancient Egypt 

Featuring Egypt during the Golden Age of Exploration in the Thirties, this scenery cannot be more authentic. Featuring tombs ruins, pyramids, temples you will feel in the world of Egypt and in the world of the Mummy Series all the same, which play in the Thirties too. Here you will also feel like an archaeologist wanting to find treasure.  

* Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, which is an enclosed rollercoaster delivering a great fun ride between the ancient Egyptian tombs and ruins this journey, is really as if you would travel back in time. It is an adventurous journey though during which beetles, mummies and scarab beetles will come in your way in the semi-dark.  

* Treasure Hunters features a great ride on old jeeps as a safari, driving though an Egyptian excavation site.  

* After your adventures, take a real Arabic rest in the Oasis Spice Café where you can taste great Arabian coffee along with Arabic specialties coming from Lebanon and Egypt mainly. 


The Lost World 

This is a real adventure land for the children especially those who are fans of the dinos. This segment features lots of adventurous rides and great ancient prehistoric jungle scenery in its Jurassic Park area and a huge water pool following the outlook of Waterworld movie in its second area. Hereby we represent you with some of the main attractions of the Lost World:  

* Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: features great water rides like the river rapid ride; it is a fantastic rafting journey. It is among the best attractions of Universal Studios.

* Waterworld Show: a great show featuring professional stunts presenting some parts of the movie.

* Amber Rock Climb: a great trekking adventure especially for children also includes treasure hunt.

* Dino Soarin’ A great adventure featuring a ride where guests can control the vertical height feeling like sitting on a pterodactyl.


Far Far Away

This area is designed according to the extremely popular series of Shrek. Here everything looks like as in a fairy tale exactly the same as in Shrek were guests can see his swamp house and also you can see the King’s Castle and the little town surrounding it. This is really beautiful adventure especially for the fans of fairy tales. Of course you will also meet the stars of Shrek and you can watch some great shows and performances. You will hear songs sang in the original voices of the characters. An incredible 4D adventure awaits the guests inside the castle.


Madagascar of beautiful Africa and from the great and world famous series Madagascar is of course is well known for those having children. This area of the Universal Studios has been designed to completely give back the wonderful rainforest world of Madagascar of course including its leading characters too. Of course the show wouldn’t be worth without the appearance of all trademark stars including: Alex, Gloria,Marty, Melman,  King Julian and the 5 penguin soldiers. Here you will have some great adventures:

* Madagascar A Crate Adventure: You will take part in a riverboat adventure, where you will hear and feel the jungle. There are show effects and you will hear the voices of the four stars of the movie.

* King Julian’s Beach Party-Go-Round: This is a fun carousel with lemurs, fossas and other creatures for the Madagascar movie. A great ride for the children!

* One of the main outlets in Madagascar is Marty’s Casa del Wild, a Caribbean like bar which serves great food and looks just like the one Marty built in the movie.


Each part of Universal Studios has something surprising for you. That is what makes this fantastic theme Park a unique adventure. In order to get to see every part of Universal Studios, you will need lots of time and it is almost sure that you will not fulfil your mission entirely in the first time, but will need to come back for some more explorations.