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Underwater World Singapore

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The Underwater World is a fantastic and unique Oceanarium, which serves as one of the main attractions of Singapore for families and all water world fans. With the founding and constructing of the Underwater World Singapore has created something unique. There are only a few places in the world which offer guests the great chance to swim together with the sea animals, that even includes sharks, pink dolphins and the cute Southeast Asian seal-like creature, the dugong.

The Underwater World of Singapore was founded with several targets. Some of the main targets of the complex are to teach all the guests, children especially on the extreme importance of protecting the sea world and all of its creatures. Each of its attractive programs has been build to create a complex during which children learn as much as they enjoy being and swimming together with the residents of the Oceanarium. Underwater World has several internationally recognised and highly appreciated protective and pro-active protective and conservation activity concerning the Asian waters, including all their projects with regards to the protection of Galapagos Island, the protection and transplantation projects of coral reefs and all the hard work they do to learn as much as possible about all the sea creatures they are housing and for releasing them later on, when their future is stabilised. Their sea turtle rehabilitation and protection programs, their efforts to maintain the breeding of the already rare pink dolphins and the saving of dugong baby Gracie all being operated in cooperation with the international World Wildlife Fund. When you visit this great Oceanarium, the Underwater World, you will learn a lot more, on their protective work and on how you can help to protect the nature and its residents. The educational and sea-awareness programs of the Underwater World include the Living in the Ocean Program, the Ocean Ambassador Program and the Coral Club Program.

The Underwater World is operating since 1991 with their 2500 seawater creatures containing altogether 250 species whose number is steadily growing thanks to the hard work on breeding of the scientific staff of the Oceanarium. Next to the complex, there is a Dolphinarium also belonging to underwater world featuring their beautiful pink dolphins in forms of different shows. The Dolphin Lagoon is located on the Palawan Beach. In 2010 the complex has maintained several reconstruction works in order to create a much nicer environment both for their residents and for the guests of course. The unique attraction of the Oceanarium includes a 83 metre long mobbing walkway with which passengers will slowly travel through an all transparent tunnel inside the extra huge aquarium feeling just like as if they were parts of the ocean life. You will see beautiful sharks, stingrays, living coral reefs, eels, turtles among many other colourful fishes swimming happily inside.

And if you feel you want to be more part of marine life, all you need to do is to enrol in one of the programs of the Underwater World, such as the Marine Discovery, Dive with the Dugong, Dive with the Sharks, Dive with sharks and Dugongs. Initially the Swim with the Dolphins programs are highly popular and serve as one of the most unique attractions an Oceanarium has ever made. All programs are pro-active and include swimming with the fishes, in full diving suit and equipments. The courses are either an hour or 90 minutes long, from which half an hour is spent with the fishes or in the rest of the time, you can learn so much about sea life and the creatures whose name you selected: the cute Dugong, the sharks and the dolphins. Each course includes a preparation for the diving too. Do not miss one of these swimming programmes, as they are excellent! Underwater World has several special events; especially the underwater marriages are very popular to be held in here.

Surely, you will come out as an avid fan of sea in the end from the Underwater World. It’s no wonder that the Oceanarium is among the most popular family attractions of Singapore. Visit the Underwater World in Sentosa Island, its really a must-visit place.