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Snow City Singapore

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Snow City Singapore is Singapore’s reply for Dubai’s famous Ski Dubai attraction. The Snow City of Singapore is Southeast Asia’s alone-standing attraction, where locals can experience snow, a natural element that due to Singapore’s tropical climate is normally non-existent.

Located in the Jurong Town Road within the Science Centre, the Singapore Snow City offers quite a unique experience for the locals, who could not experience snow and snow sports before. The 3000 square metre complex opened in 2000. What’s better Snow City offers boots and winter jackets for all the adults and children over 3 years old. Besides, you can also enter in your own winter gear; therefore, selling winter gear in Singapore has become also trendy this way. The Snow City offers several attractions for children and adults. The huge snow chamber is the main part of Snow City. This is where you can slide and try skiing or snowboarding. The three storey high slope is a great start for everyone who wants to learn to ski and to snowboard, which would otherwise be impossible to do in the entire Southeast Asian territory. The Snow Chamber gives you chance to sledge with your children on the inflatable snow tubes.

Ski, snowboards and all sorts of ski clothes and shoes are available for rent in the ski stores. Please note, that you can only ski or snowboard if you enrol in a group, from beginner until expert level. There are certain times when skiing or snowboarding is possible and as the place is not that huge, only a given number of groups can ski at a time. The fun part of Snow City Singapore is the Little Penguin’s Snowy Children playground. It is a great way for your children to have a great time in the snowy land. The playground is for children between two and six. Santa’s Cabin is a great Victorian style Christmas room that has been made especially for photo taking opportunities.

Other great parts of Snow City include the Hot Chocolate Bar, where you will feel as if you were in a real warm and cosy mountain restaurant in the Alps serving tasty hot chocolate and all sorts of snacks. The Ice Bar reminds of Finland’s Ice Hotel, here many things, including the glasses are made out of ice so take care when you hold them! The Ice Bar is so popular that it hosts several special events, and marriages. What is very important to note, that you should take great care of the measures you drink. Which doesn’t make you drunk in the cold; it will turn you very very drunk when you enter back to the hot.

Singapore is a country where people take care of everything in the most professional way. Therefore, in order to avoid any health problems that may result from the high temperature difference there is a special room called Air Lock, which has an interim temperature of 10 degrees, where people can get used to entering the cold or to re-enter in the hot.

Admission in the Snow City has 1 hour and 2-hour Snow Play time tickets costing 14 and 27 Singapore Dollars. For children there is not much discount, only 5 SGD when paying for the 2 hours ticket. Snow City is real fun, especially if you have not seen snow yet. Take care with the extreme temperature difference.