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Marine Life Park

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Marine Life Park is an uncompleted Oceanarium, which will be the part of the large Resorts World Sentosa complex, which contains luxury hotels and a large casino on the island. When the Marine Life Park will be ready and opens, it will be the world’s largest oceanarium, located in Sentosa Island.


The complex will house extremely large pools and the longest artificial jungle river in the world. The total water capacity of the pools, lagoons and the river will be 91 thousand cubic metres. The size of the park will be 8 hectare located in the middle of Resorts World complex. The Marine Life Park will not only aim the entertaining but it will also be a marine life scientific centre, housing ab international team of the very best professionals and sea-animal experts. The complex will also release several training and scholarship programs in the future. The Marine Life Park will do its best to have a high rated conserving, protecting and breeding activity with the studying of all behaviours of animals in captivity to enable their growth in numbers with the main target of releasing those creatures, whose number reaches such level, with which we can expect their numbers to further grow out in the wild. Marine Life Park also aims to do everything in its power and through the cooperation with other animal rights and nature conserving and protecting organizations to fight against all illegal animals trading in the region of South East Asia. Many of today’s tropical animals’ existence, especially the portable ones’ is in danger because of the illegal animal traders of the area.


The Marine Life Park intends to hold around 700.000 underwater species, including the most beautiful, colourful Southeast Asian fish schools, and many dolphins. In connection with the dolphins, the Marine Life Mark recently faced an uncomfortable situation on behalf of dolphin activists who have been heavily demanding the freeing of them due to controversial news according to which some dolphins of the total stock have died. Let us hope this news is not true. According to the website of Marine Life Park, they want to study dolphins behaviours, animals will live happily and in dignity inside the Oceanarium and they will not ever be forced to do anything they do not want. According to Marine Life Park, they want to ensure the growth of the number of breeding so that they can free most of the dolphins and other sea animals. 


The unique attractions of Marine Life Park include the beautiful Maritime Xperimental Museum a great museum exhibiting all segments of Marine life with the inclusion of audiovisual entertaining programs, some of which are entirely alone standing such as the 4D “multi-sensory typhoon” theatre where audience is also part of the show.

The Reef Swim will be another great attraction where guests can swim with the schools of colourful fishes along a beautiful coral reef. Of course, the venue will contain several dolphin shows where children and all visitors will be taught about these cute and clever animals. Marine Life Park feels responsible to maintain interest in the protection of marine life and therefore hopes that with all of its courses and attractions marine biology will have several new fans as potential future scientists and activists.   


The scheduled opening of Marine Life Park is in 2012, which means that the construction works will soon end, and the future inhabitants are slowly transported over here in order to get used to their new living environment. Let us hope all the targets of Marine Life Park come from heart and that this way, this Oceanarium will give a lot, by means of education, researches and protective work, for the future generations.