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Jurong Reptile Park

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The Jurong Reptile Park had been created right in front of the worldwide outstanding Jurong Bird Park. The basic idea of Jurong Reptile Park is to represent the lifestyle and the various sorts of reptiles, in order to bring children and in fact all visitors of their beauty and uniqueness. The Jurong Reptile Park unfortunately did not seem to suit the quality requirements for long and after a rundown period, now it has been closed for a while, let us hope only to come back shinier and nicer.

The Jurong Reptile Park has been build based on the same idea as the Jurong Bird Park, yet contrary to their names and positions the Reptile Park was operated under a different management. The aim of Jurong Reptile Park was to represent the colourful world of reptiles to the public, in order to get closer to these animals. The reptiles’ class of animals contains much more creatures than we could expect. Apart from some exceptions, reptiles have never belonged to the order of favourite animals due to their sometimes-unattractive outlooks and dangerous habits. The most feared reptiles are definitely the crocodiles and the snakes yet there are many more which can be either poisonous or simply look frightening. Reptiles as Iguana though have become a popular pet lately, which sadly also means that they are in danger because of all the illegal animal catchers who want to sell them to animal dealers. The park’s main idea was also to preserve these reptiles for the future.


The Jurong Park was located on a 2-hectare territory and apart from the snakes and crocodiles it featured another 50 species of reptiles. Unfortunately, according to the reviews before its closing the reptile park has been in a bad and unkempt state for a while by which we can suspect that the leading and the spending of governmental money by the park wasn’t for the benefit of these special animals this time. It is very rare to see such thing happen in Singapore where people ultimately take care of the environment and animals by the construction of several nature reserves, Bird Park or the Underwater World.


As it seems also the features of many reptiles have scared visitors away. Most visitors to these places are families, but who would want to enter to a territory above which it is written “poisonous, enter at your own risk”. Almost half of the featured reptiles were in fact poisonous. Not the best family program in our opinion.

The Jurong Reptile Park’s main attraction was its Crocodile Show and the crocodile feeding sessions were always popular. The park had also an underwater observation gallery, from where you could see crocodiles under water. In the Cavern of Darkness exhibition, you would watch night-time reptiles with lightning controlled environment.  Visitors could have photo opportunity with various colourful yet harmless snakes.


The Jurong Reptile Park is a great idea and with different, animal conscious management and renovated or reinvented facilities, it could be turned into one of the main attractions of Singapore. Let us hope this unique park will soon await its first visitors.