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Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

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The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is one of the most dominant attractions of Singapore nature lovers, located in Sentosa Island, which serves as the natural retreat and fun park for the Singaporeans. The Butterfly and Insect Kingdom is really one of its king housing more than fifteen thousand butterflies and thousands of insects, together with a bird and reptile zoo.

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom came from the idea of the great love of locals for butterflies, the nature’s perhaps most wonderful and mystic animals, which are born with a transformation entirely unique in the world. The efforts of Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom are to save some of the rarest species of butterflies from the hands of collectors, to give them a lovely environment where they can live and breed unharmed and to represent the beauty of butterflies for the people. In the Insect Kingdom, you will find the rarest species just like the huge Dynasties Hercules beetle, several different sorts of scorpions and all the rest. There are over three thousand different species of insects living in peace. The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom also serves to educate visitors, especially children on the huge importance of butterflies and insects in our nature. There are several plants, which can only proliferate if they are pollinated by the butterflies, bees and other important insects in the pollinating procedure. One of the most beautiful shows of the park is the Firefly Enclosure in a darkened space so you can see the beautiful green light of the fireflies. Other significant attraction of the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is the Pupae House where you can see the most beautiful transformation in the world: when the butterflies get out of their pupas to show their fully transformed beauty.

Some of the butterflies living here can grow more than 15 centimetres wide according to their wingspan. In the collection room, you can also see some of the most beautiful exhibition of butterfly collections. However, the most beautiful is to feel when butterflies fly on you, trying to get to know you and the whole scenery which is completely jungle like. The butterflies within the park have plenty of space to fly and to rest as well. You can see these beautiful creatures in the parks Butterfly aviary. In the Bird Aviary, you can see some of the most beautiful colourful jungle parrots live just as they would do in the wild. Here all the animals have plenty of living space. The reptile exhibition of the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom also features some unique reptiles.

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom has several educational tours for school classes and for anyone of the guests interested. Here you can learn so much about butterflies and you can see the one and only gynomorph butterfly in the world, the Papillo Ulysess. During the tour, visitors can see some of the most beautiful parrots of the park.

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is a beautiful place for exploring the nature for little and old all the same. This unique place gives you a great knowledge and the chance to see some beautiful species. The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is open every day from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm, Admission fees are SGD 16 for adults and SGD 10 for children.