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Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Asia : Hong Kong

If America has New York as the city that never sleeps, then Asia has Hong Kong with the same title. The combination of Chinese tradition with Western influence can be found here. This small city is also known for its urban area where most of the highlights and sceneries can be seen and explored by using public transportations. Hong Kong, in these recent days, becomes one of the popular destinations among the tourists that come from all over the world. However, finding fine places where to stay in Hong Kong during your holidays is not that easy. Perhaps, you will find some problems. Hong Kong is the best place where you can feel a nuance of a modern and ancient city. As soon as you come to Hong Kong, the first impression you will have is a look of modern metropolis through the commerce, crowds and traffic. This image can be seen in almost any major city in the world. But, when you take your time to travel and walk down into alleys, you will see views and places in traditional and peculiarity ways. Hong Kong is also one of the greatest places for any businessmen to do investments.

Finding places where to stay in Hong Kong really depends on the types of quality, shapes and prices. The places are available from the cheap one up to the five star luxury hotels. The cheap one usually known as the youth hostels designed with special "character", while the five star luxury hotels are built and designed in expensive, classic, and modern styles which will make the customers do not want to go out from there. The accommodations found in Hong Kong are smaller than Thailand but a bit bigger that in Japan.

Hong Kong Island is widely known as the central area of Hong Kong where you can find luxury lodgings. The place itself is located in the land between the ocean and mountains. This Island is chosen as the best place for businessmen while they are staying and doing their business in Hong Kong. Accommodations can be obtained in five star places, but they are only available depending on your budget. Kowloon and the New Territories are the best places for those who are looking for cheaper transportations.

Do not jump directly into a cab or taxi as soon you arrive at Hong Kong airport. It would be better to take the Airport Express train as your transportation from the airport to the places where you want to go. You can buy the tickets from an agent outside of baggage claim. To take the train, you do not need to go to the outside since the platform is connected to the airport. Each person must pay $10 to travel from the airport to the downtown Hong Kong. If you take a taxi, then you will have to pay $50. So, which one is cheaper? But, if you are already in city, it is not a mistake to take a taxi as your transportation to go to the places where you want to visit. Do not worry about the drivers, since they are so friendly and also honest. The taxi is designed in red and white colors.

Travelling by taking ferry or subway is also a good choice to travel around Hong Kong. You will be comfortable using the subway as it is very clean and can take you to the certain areas of an island. Meanwhile, the ferry is another transportation you can take to pass the harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. You can travel by using Star Ferry which has been popular since hundred years ago. This boat will take you to certain destinations every ten minutes. Each person should pay less than $1 to get an upper deck seat.

So, please write down Hong Kong in your list as one of the favorite places in the world you should go. Do not forget to prepare things you should take with you and the budget also. Make sure that the hotel where you are going to stay is a cozy place, so you and or your family can take a nap. Hong Kong is Asian paradise where the tourists can enjoy sparkling shown through the countless skyscrapers when the night comes.