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Holiday trip is always fun and exciting, it is a kind of way to escape from our routines and works for a while. Holiday trip can give us the best medicine for our stress mind. You can make your trips and spend your holiday everywhere, from the closest place from your house to the other side of the globe. Yes, travelling abroad is very interesting for everyone, especially when we go there on a special occasion with our special ones. Deciding a place to travel is an easy yet a difficult task, since we have a limited time and sometimes limited budget, we have to arrange it very carefully to get maximum joy in our limited time. If you are planning to have a trip around Asia, Hong Kong can be a place that you can put on your list.


This city is the part of the People’s Republic of China; many of the people have ever heard about the greatness of this city and it surely a place that you don’t want to miss on your vacation. Your vacation in Hong Kong will be an unforgettable moment since you can have many special things in this city. When you decide Hong Kong as your destination this holiday, make sure that you make a list of the things that you will do on your vacation. Hong Kong is a city with that has rich cultures, traditions, and also beautiful places; you can find various ways to spend your holiday here from a culinary trip to the spiritual journey.


Let us take a look at the things that you can do to spend your holiday in this city. If you enjoy the look of the beautiful ocean, you have to visit the Peak Tower in which you can see the sea from the highest tower in Hong Kong in an open-air viewing terrace you can also visit the famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds in this building. When you come to Hong Kong, it is not complete without chartering a Junk, it is a traditional Chinese fishing boat that is now used as a pleasure vessel. You can pack your picnic box and explore the 260 islands that are scattered in their area. If you are rather an artsy kind of people, Hong Kong is also the right place to see many interesting art performances; you have to experience the Cantopera, an ancient opera art performance that has been preserved by the UNESCO as A Taste of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.


When you visit Hong Kong, eating out is very fun thing to do because there are more than 11,000 restaurants all over the city with various kinds of foods and drinks that are offered to you. You can try the delicious dim sum and steamed pork buns to complete your eating experience of Asian food. Hong Kong as the Britain colony in the past, combined the culture of old Eastern and Western country of drinking tea tradition. You can try the Lin Heung Tea House, while sipping your tea, you can also try the best lotus paste buns and the rice dumplings there. Hong Kong is also one of the shopping paradises for the shopaholics. You can choose the luxurious malls or the traditional unique markets, you can try to visit the Temple Street Night Market to get many kinds of stuffs from clothes, electronics, watches, and also come to see a fortune teller here. The Ladies’ Market is also a place that cannot be missed, even though you don’t really into shopping, when you come into those places, you sure will not be leaving empty handed.


If all of those things cannot satisfy your need yet, maybe you can try to do some outdoor activities such as hiking to the mountain or the beach, or you can also meet the giant bronze Tian Tin Buddha in Ngong Ping 360 using the skyrail to enjoy the view below your feet. You can also visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple which is one of the biggest and busiest temples in the city. There are still long lists of the things that you can do here in Hong Kong, and to do it all, you may need some more time on your vacation in order to complete your list; but if you have a quite limited time, those things above can more or less give you the memorable experience of exploring Hong Kong.