Want to do some fun cardio? Let’s go shopping! “Shopping is my cardio” is a slogan written in t-shirts that are worn by many people around the globe. Shopaholics or people who know the greatness of shopping will agree with the slogan. Besides being able to enhance our body health, shopping is also known for its benefit for our brain. Yup! Going shopping can lift up our mood as the level of dopamine increases sharply when we spy the beautiful shoes line up behind the shops’ windows and imagine the beauty of those shoes on our feet. This activity is clearly related to the pleasure part of our brain. And nothing can be much better than spending a lot of calories without being stressfully tired as running on the treadmill, right?


Indeed, all of these advantages and benefits of shopping can only be felt by those who enjoy shopping because for some people, shopping is only about materialism. However, shopping can also mean admiring the goods without purchasing them, which I believe it is called ‘window shopping’. Although the mood-lifting endorphin level might not be as high as when you admire and purchase the goods, window shopping will always give you the pleasure of shopping. Besides, it can also help you to be a smart shopper by visiting more than one shop and comparing the price and the quality before, finally, choosing the best reasonable one. Window shopping will also encourage you to save your money if you find something nice but you do not have the money yet. So, why should we hold ourselves for not going shopping?


One of the most exciting cities in the world that can boost your mood is Hong Kong. Coming from its nature as the center of international trade, Hong Kong is the perfect place to find incredible goods. Moreover, not only the tourists who create the atmosphere of shopping in Hong Kong, the atmosphere is also created by the local passion. Either you like to shop at a mall or at shopping area, you can always satisfy your desire of admiring the nice goods in this city. Indeed, Hong Kong is a huge city and it might confused you on where to start looking, but do not worry because Hong Kong has centralized shopping areas.


Causeway Bay can be the first choice when you are deciding to visit a shopping area. This area is not too wide but still it will need one full day of the fun cardio. Every inch of Causeway Bay can give you different pleasure of shopping; take it as shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, or just the small stalls; or high class markets such as Lee Gardens and SOGO and more affordable markets such as Island Beverly Centre and even the markets where you can bargain the price such as Jardine’s Crescent.


If you long for more Chinese shopping experiences, come to visit Sheung Wan. This area not only gives you the thrill of spying traditional Chinese clothes but also enables you to get unique Chinese handicraft. Inserting another pleasure, Sheung Wan also provides the taste of Chinese along the street on the west side, specifically at Dried Seafood Street and Bonham Strand West.


Tired of walking under the sky? It is the time for you to spend some indoor time at Hong Kong famous malls. At Landmark, you can even satisfy your shopping needs by merely having windows shopping because the shops at Landmark have very attractive windows displays. At Landmark you can visit Louis Vuitton’s first Asia store and Tiffany. Landmark also connects to other high-class Hong Kong shopping centers. One day will not be enough for visiting 200 international brands here.


Feel the need of art when shopping? You should The Peak Galleria. This shopping center gives you a slight different atmosphere from other malls which starts when you are outside of the mall. Within this stylish building, you can find contemporary designer products and local art and handcrafts. Moreover, above all the uniqueness that you can only find here, you also get the chance to the observation deck on The Peak Green Terrace. In this terrace, you can enjoy the beauty of Victoria Harbor and South China Sea. This gallery truly completes the shopping experience in Hong Kong.

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