Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China other than Macau. Hong Kong is located on the south coast of China and surrounded by South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. According to the archaeological studies, human came to this area around 35,000 – 39,000 years back. The earliest human inhabitation sites are found in Three Fathoms Cove and Wong Tei Tung which were of Paleolithic period. Hong Kong was the colony of British Empire after First Opium War of 1839-42. At first only Island of Hong Kong was occupied and then extended to New Territories as well as Kowloon Peninsula by the year 1898.


During Pacific War, Japan occupied Hong Kong but after that British took back the control of the Island until 1997. According to the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the fundamental principle of one country and two systems, Hong Kong is an autonomous region except in foreign affairs and defense. According to the declaration, Hong Kong will continue to be a capitalist economy and provides freedom and right to people of the region for minimum 50 years after the handover of 1997. The region is governed in accordance to the Hong Kong Basic Law. The government consists of four major pillars such as Legislative Council, civil service, Executive Council and Judiciary.


The legal system of Hong Kong is independent from that of China. Hong Kong is a capitalist economy with free trade and low taxation, Hong Kong dollar is in the ninth position among the most traded currencies of the world. The population of Hong Kong is 7.03 million. The people of mainland China is not allowed to enter the region freely and do not have the right to reside in Hong Kong. Majority of the population are Chinese descendants and remaining are non-ethnic Chinese. The region enjoys religious freedom and the people practices a mixture of local religions. Buddhism is most prominent one along with Taoism and Confucianism. Other communities present are Christians, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Baha’i and Jewish.


Hong Kong is a famous tourist destination and most of the tours can be completed on the same day because of the well-organized and modern transportation. Ocean Park consists of a theme park and aquarium is located in Hong Kong Island which spread over 170 acres of land making it the largest ocean park of the world. Another popular tourist spot is Victoria Bay, largest harbor of China where you can find wooden fishing vessels, cargo ships and cruise liners.


Hong Kong Disneyland resort located in Lantau Island is must-see attraction. You can also find Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in Hong Kong that displays wax figures of celebrities at Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak also has famous destinations such as Peak Explorer Motion Simulator, restaurants and relaxing terraces. Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong is also a great tourist spot. Kowloon Peninsula is recognized as the 'tourist Mecca' of Hong Kong. Some of famous in Kowloon are Hong Kong Space Museum and Space Theater, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Kowloon Park, Chi Lin Nunnery and bustling markets of Yau Ma Tei as well as Mong Kok.  

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