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Hong Kong is known as the most attractive and beautiful city to take a vacation at. It is also known as the never sleep city Asia. When it deals with the “never sleep” city, Hong Kong of course has some other entertainments on night to please its foreigners who have their own night time as they usually do in their countries. The nightlife in Hong Kong is not different from other famous cities which full of night clubs and pubs. However, there is some different uniqueness nightlife in Hong Kong that might not be found in other city in the world.


The nightlife entertainment in Hong Kong is more lively rather than in other countries. In Hong Kong, pubs and night clubs are spread all over side of the city. It is easier to find a bar since it will be very discoverable in public. There are some areas in Hong Kong that would be the best place to hang out and enjoy your nightlife there. Some big cities area in Hong Kong can be the best alternative to get relaxed from the routine of your vacation planning. The cities which are usually being visited by the foreigners for spend their night in Hong Kong.


Cheung Chau is one best destination for your nightlife. Cheung Chau is popular nightlife destination mostly on weekend and holiday. Cheung Chau is an island located at 40 minutes away from the Hong Kong mainland. Though it is in a separated island, the nightlife in Cheung Chau is also the modest nightlife one in Hong Kong. Local bars and karaoke places are located along the coastline that will make your nightlife party becomes more and more unforgettable. In Cheung Chau also the visitors will find the feel of traditional culture and attitude that is shown by the local people that still using some traditional things such as boat moored at waterfront. In some moment, visitors can also enjoy the view of night market there.


Another place to hang out at night is the Kowloon. It is the most known as the most visited on night. In summer, Kowloon can be so crowded full of drunker spend their night at bars and pubs. The nightlife in Kowloon starts at 21:00 and can be ended very late. There are some bars or pubs that are recommended to visit in Kowloon to make your nightlife unforgettable. For those who look for cozy atmosphere and vintage theme bar, Ned Kelly’s Last Stand is the best option to choose. it is the best fits for those who like to spend the night in elegant and casual way accompanied by the excellent house jazz music.  Other than the Ned Kelly, there is Rick’s café to take a look. It is the most popular place in town. For those who want to interact with the locals and feel blended to the local’s atmosphere, the Rick’s Café is the best choice since it is the place where locals usually come to have drink.  However, since it is a famous one, of course you must deal with some noisy and busy activities there.


Besides those two places, the main island of Hong Kong also has its own attraction on the nightlife style. In the Hong Kong Island, there are two famous places for foreigners called Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong. For those who seek for some wild experience in Hong Kong, there are some theme bars which provide some additional attractions such as the pole dancing show.  There are some places in Hong Kong that would be fit for those who have more financial capability to spend the nightlife there since it is very expensive to buy something at the bar in Hong Kong compared to the previous places. Some bars provide wines as their main attraction for the foreign visitors. It is very high class bars Hong Kong has. The nightlife in Hong Kong’s main Island is set for the high-end people who seek for the luxury and elegance to make their vacation more fun and can be the most unforgettable moment that everything has been set in such luxurious and elegance way. With the more costs to take, the nightlife in Hong Kong will surely be the best nightlife people can spend.