A famous city will always be full of entertaining side which makes people want to visit it again and again. One of its attractions is the events, especially the unique ones that can attract the visitors to see deeper about the city. This event can be related to the culture, believe, and even simply the modern culture the country brings. Hong Kong is one of the cities which use some cultural events to attract the visitors to watch and even join the celebration.


In Hong Kong there are not only cultural and believe events to show to public, but also the glamorous city’s facilities can be the most attractive side of the city. In Hong Kong, so many events are held every year and every month. Each month has some famous cultural events that the visitors can enjoy during their vacation in Hong Kong and even can be the reason of choosing Hong Kong for their holiday’s trip destination. In every events Hong Kong has, it will not be just a plain celebration, but it would be the most glamorous and magnificent celebration for both the local Hong Kong people and the visitors abroad.


Hong Kong offers so many events to visit and it has so many options for visitors to choose as what kind of event they like. For those who like Chinese culture, with Hong Kong as a part of the China, the culture of China will obviously exist in there. Some local people who has believe in Chinese traditional believe will still do some ritual that may be one of the eye catching attraction to take the visitors’ attention. It is proven by the fact that some cultural events in Hong Kong are open for public which everyone can feel the ritual and celebrate it together.


One of the rituals is the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is the unique festival in Hong Kong. It is located at Cheung Chau, an island which is located about 12 kilometers from the Hong Kong mainland. The festival is held every fifth to the ninth days of the fourth lunar month.  The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is also known as the “Festival of Bun Hills” since in the festival, there will be a parade of two towers of bun and it becomes the main attraction of the ceremony. The celebration last on four days. On those four days, there will be some attraction shown such as parade, children in cute costumes parade, and even an opera performance with the towers of the bun as the main attraction for the festival.


Some people might love to see such mesmerizing Chinese cultural festival, but some people might not. For those people, Hong Kong has some big events to see for them to see. Hong Kong is indeed eastern cultured country in the beginning which is influenced by Chinese’s cultures. However, as the time passes, Hong Kong now is no longer a fully eastern culture oriented country, but more to be open to take the western culture from Europe or America. This is shown by some festivals that are more familiar in western country rather than in eastern. The valentine day for example, in Hong Kong, there are two kinds of events which are similar to Valentine day as we know.


In Hong Kong, there are the Spring Lantern Festival and Seven Sister Festival as the substitution of the Valentine day we know in western’s culture. Each of the festival is held in different time. The Spring Lantern is on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month while the Seven Sisters is on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. The Spring Lantern, as its name, is a lantern festival to celebrate the fifteenth day after the celebration of Chinese New Year. What to see in Lantern festival are the beautiful lanterns which have some unique puzzles and riddles tied to the end of the lanterns. The Lantern festival is called Chinese’s Valentine day because according to the history, the Spring Lantern Festival is the only time where young man and woman can meet each other and find their soul mates.


For many people, Hong Kong is one of city whose cultures are unique and extraordinary that makes its visitor wants to explore more about it. The festivals and events in it is also a big plus point to be a reason for the foreigners to step their feet in Hong Kong and spend their beautiful vacation.