Burma is situated in Southeast Asia and the country is now officially known as Myanmar. Myanmar is bordered by Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and People’s Republic of China, India and Bay of Bengal. It is the second largest country of Southeast Asia in terms of geographical area. In 1853, southern Burma and Rangoon were included in British India and the whole of Burma came under the rule of British India in the year 1886 directly or indirectly after 3rd Burmese War. Until 1937, Burma was the part of British and the country got its independence from UK in the year 1948 to become Union of Burma.


Burma is under military junta and the head of the state is Than Shwe, Senior General. Most of the cabinet positions and ministry are held by the military officers except the positions in Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development that are held by the civilians of the country. There are two major political parties in the country which are suppressed and regulated by military government. Burma is among the poorest nations of Southeast Asia that is suffering isolation, mismanagement and stagnation. The country was the wealthiest country of South-East Asia under the British rule after Philippines.


The economy of the country mainly depends on the agriculture. The population of Burma is 56 million and the country has a diverse population with 135 ethnic groups. About 68% of the people are ethnic Bamar and some of minor ethnic groups are Shan, Kayin and Rakhine. The official language of the country is Burmese and other regional languages are Shan, Mon, Rakhine, Kayan, Karen and Jingpho. Several religions are practiced in the country and about 89% of the people are practicing Buddhism which is mostly Theravada Buddhism. Other religions practiced are Mahayana Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Baha’i, East Asian religions and Christianity.


Burma is a nation rich in culture, history, tradition and custom with numerous tourist attractions. Shwedagon Pagoda is famous attraction that is supposed to be covered with 30 tons gold with several jewels buried inside. Bagan was the capital of Myanmar Empire which consists of over 2,000 ancient pagodas. Kyaikhtiyou Pagoda or The Golden Rock is a huge natural rock covered by gold. Myanmar National Museum houses several historical relics and objects like bronze statues of the founders’ of the nation’s kingdoms and Royal Throne.


Chaung Thar Beach is a popular destination in Burma that enables the tourists to relax in the cool breeze. Tourists can visit the Glass Factory situated at old Rangoon to see the process of manufacturing glasses and also can purchase glasses from there. Mandalay is the cultural capita of Burma where you can find tapestry artists, bronze smiths, sculptors and many tradition artists. You can also see the largest stone book at Kuthodaw Pagoda that has the Buddhist scriptures inscribed on 728 slabs of stone. Inle Lake is a huge lake where you can hire a boat to go around the lake. Mergui Archipelago is another famous tourist attraction that consists of about 800 islands and these islands have mangrove swamps, rocky headlands and beaches.