Bangladesh is situated in South Asia and the country is bordered on all sides by India except for some stretch with Myanmar and Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh was established after the partition of India and Bengal in the year 1947. Bangladesh first became East Pakistan which was the part of Pakistan, but due to several differences Bangladesh Liberation War happened in 1971 and got independence in the same year. Bangladesh became democratic in the year 1991. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka and it is the eighth populous country of the world. Civilization of Bangladesh is dated back to four thousand years ago.


Bangladesh is settled by Dravidians, Austro-Asiatic, Tibeto-Burman peoples. Around 7th century BC, Gangaridai kingdom was formed which is then joined with Bihar under the Empires of Nanda, Magadha, Mauryan as well as Sunga. It was also the part of Harsha Empire and Gupta Empire during 3rd – 6th centuries CE.  Bangladesh is following a democratic parliamentary system in which citizens of 18 years old or more can vote. Head of the state is President, but it is a ceremonial position elected by the member of the parliament. Judicial power is vested on the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is a developing nation in which the economy is mainly depends on agriculture. The population of Bangladesh ranges from 150 -164 million and the country is ranked as the 8th populous nation of the world. Almost 98% of the people are ethnic Bengalis and others are Biharis as well as indigenous tribes. Almost all the people of the country speak Bangla which is both official language and mother tongue. Other languages used are English and Urdu. Islam is the major religion of Bangladesh, but Hinduism is also followed by 9.2% of the population. Other religions are Christianity, Animists and Buddhism.


Varied number of tourist destinations in Bangladesh provides the tourists an enjoyable experience in the country. Dhaka, the capital of the country is blessed with natural beauty and architectural beauty. Interesting tourist spots in Dhaka are Armenian Church, Holy Rosary Church, Lalbagh Fort, Dhakeshwari Temple, National Memorial and 1857 Memorial.  Chittagong is famous for its natural landscape beauty and some of the tourist spots of Chittagong are World War II Cemetery, Court Building Museum, Shrine of Shah Amanat, Mercantile Marine Academy and Tomb of Sultan Bayazid Bostami. In Chittagong, you can also find the artificial Kaptai Lake. Cox Bazaar has the longest beach slopes which is unbroken in the world.  Cox Bazaar has great scenic views, majestic cliffs, golden sandy beaches, pagodas and shrines.


Khulna consists of several tourist attractions such as Sundarbans. Rajshahi is another famous tourist destination which consists of temples, shrines and mosques. Varendra Research Museum of Rajashahi displays the archaeological findings which are worth seeing. Sylhet is famous for its tea plantations and places of interests such as Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Tamabil-Jaflong and Madhabkunda. Puthia is popular for historical Hindu structures and the monuments. Martin Island, the coral island with excellent beaches and marine life.