Mauritius is an island country situated in Indian Ocean and the capital of the country is Port Louis. Mauritius consists of main island Mauritius, Agalega, Rodrigues, Cargados and Carajos islands. The island was named originally by Arabs as Dina Harobi. The first permanent settlement of the island was established by Dutch in 1638 and then British gained control over the island during 1803-1815. The island gained independence from United Kingdom in the year 1968 and the nation became republic in the year 1992. Mauritius is renowned for the extinct birds known as dodo.


Mauritius government changes regularly and the government elected will serve the nation on five-year term. There are two major coalition parties that contest the elections. Head of the state is the President and head of the government is the Prime Minister assisted by council of Ministers. Executive power is held by the government and legislative power is vested on both National Assembly and government. Mauritius has upper middle income economy. The economy of the country was mainly agricultural based which gradually grew to become diverse economy. The diverse economy of the country depends on financial, tourist and industrial sectors.


The total population of the Mauritius is 1,283,415 and the population consists of a variety of ethnic groups. The residents of the island nation are descendants of India (Indo-Mauritian), China (Sino-Mauritian), France (Franco-Mauritian) and continental Africa (Mauritian Creoles). The official language of the nation is English and the lingua franca of the country is Mauritian Creole. Other languages spoken are French, French Creole, Swahili and Rodriguan Creole. Media communications and most of the newspapers are communicating through French. The school system allows any Indian language, Chinese language, African language or Arabic to be learnt. Mauritians can switch languages based on the situations. About 52% of the population is Hindus, 27.5% Roman Catholics, 8.6% of other Christians, 16.6% of Muslims and remaining consists of other religions.


Port Louis is a harbor located in between mountains and there are several French styled buildings along the Port Louis square. Pamplemonsses Garden consists of several species of indigenous species which are dated back to many decades. Black River Gorges, a national park is an important sightseeing destination with several species of animals and plants. Grand Bassin is a Hindu holy lake where Hindus perform pilgrimage each year on MahaSivaratri. Chamarel is the major tourist spot because of the unique landscape where you can see the earth in seven colors at the same place.


In the Chamarel Park, there is a beautiful waterfall from which three different streams are plunging down into a gorge. Trou aux Cerf is an extinct volcano situated in Curepipe and in the center part of the crater, you can find a small lake. Ile aux Aigrette s is a coral island considered as the site of nature conservation preserved by Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. In the island, you can see endangered species and rarest birds in the world. Gabriel Island is a natural reserve and the island is popular for unspoiled beaches with clear water suitable for snorkeling.