Egypt is a nation situated in North Africa and Sinai Peninsula forms a land bridge between Southwest Asia and North Africa. So Egypt is a transcontinental country and it is the major power in Muslim world, Mediterranean Basin, Middle-East and Africa. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and the country is bordered by Gaza Strip, Sudan, Red Sea, Israel, Libya and Mediterranean Sea. It is one among the populous countries in Middle-East and Africa. The nation is popular for ancient civilization and was inhabited by fishers and hunter-gatherers in tenth millennium BC. Neolithic culture came into being by around 6000 BC. King Menes founded a kingdom in 3150 BC which lead to the emergence of several dynasties that ruled the country for another three millenniums.


British made the country as its Protectorate in the year 1914. But due to the revolt, UK government forces to issue independence to the country in the year 1922. Egypt officially became republic in the year 1953 and the country was under the Emergency Law since 1967. President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak ruled the country autocratically from 1981-2011. The executive power of the country is theoretically divided between President and Prime Minister. In January 2011, a revolution takes place against the rule of Mubarak and in February 2011, he resigned the post of President and fled to Cairo. Now, the country is under military control for short term.


Economy of Egypt mainly depends up on agriculture, petroleum exports, tourism and media. The population of Egypt is 80 million making it the third populous country in African continent and most populous in Middle East. Most of the population is concentrated on Nile valley, near Suez Canal and in Delta. About 90% of the people are following Islam and remaining is following Christianity. About 91% of total population is Egyptians making it the largest ethnicity in the country. Other minor ethnic groups are Greeks, Bedouin Arab tribes, Turks and Abazas, Siwis and Nubian communities, Beja, Dom and Faiyum communities. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of the country and other languages spoken are Sudanese Arabic, Siwi, Beja, Nobiin, Domari, Saidi Arabic, Egyptian Arabic and Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic along with Italian, Armenian and Greek as immigrants’ languages.


Egypt’s capital city Cairo is a great tourist destination with restaurants, clubs, bowling alleys, traditional food, golf courses, ancient culture, villages with mud brick structure, luxury cars and donkey carts. Cairo is the World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO. Giza is another popular tourist spot which is famous for Pyramids and Sphinx and listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.  Alexandria is a place where you can find several historical buildings and Abu Mina Church. Sidi Kir Beach, Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, King Mairut Spa and lighthouse and temples at Borg-al-Arab are the major attractions of Alexandria.


You can also visit Temple of Re-Harakhte, Temple of Hathor and other tourist spots in Abu Simbel. Another holiday spot is Hurghada which consists of casinos, beaches and nightclubs. Hurghada offers you ruins of Roman Mons Porphyrites, National Museum, Aquarium near Red Sea and Giftun Island. Luxor is also a popular destination with historic monuments, twin statues of Ramses II, El-Mekashkesh Mosque, Karnak Temple, Luxor Museum and Mummification Museum. Siwa Oasis situated at the edge of Great Sand Sea with rich history that includes visit Alexander the Great.